October 2, 2022

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G7: Toulouse sausage creates tensions between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson

Although the agreement between the G7 countries was compromised due to differences over the Northern Irish protocol, Emmanuel Macron would have been angry at Boris Johnson following a heated exchange … over the sausages.

English sausage and sausage Toulouse : London asked Europeans for “respect” this Sunday, June 13, following an interview between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson on the sidelines of the G7, which led to a difficult exchange over the effects of Brexit in Northern Ireland.

In recent days, rags have been burning between London and Brussels over differences over the “Northern Irish protocol” negotiated during Brexit. Before the start of the G7 summit, the British press predicted a “sausage war” or a “sausage war”.

A tense exchange in the sausage background

On Saturday, Emmanuel Macron asked Boris Johnson to respect the “word given to Europeans” in the Brexit context after the British Prime Minister threatened to violate the code of conduct in place. Then British media, The exchange between the two was tense, and became comparable about sausages.

“Would you like it if the French courts barred you from exporting sausages from Toulouse to Paris?” Asked Boris Johnson. Irrelevant to Emmanuel Macron’s claim: “Paris and Toulouse are from the same country”, according to sources close to the French president and the British government.

Northern Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom, but is said to have been edited by Elysee and Emmanuel Macron. According to the president’s entourage, who confirmed that “the debate is tense,” he used the word “territory”, not “country.” Reuters reports that the head of state declared Toulouse and Paris “part of the same geographical area” “when Northern Ireland was on an island”.

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“France has never allowed itself to question British sovereignty,” Emmanuel Macron told a news conference on Sunday, noting that Brexit was the child of British sovereignty and occupied thousands of working European leaders. The head of state stressed: “I believe that no other country in Europe spends so much time with others in honor of its sovereignty. “

Tensions surrounding meat imports

Since January 1, Northern Irish Protocol maintains the British province of Northern Ireland in a single European market and the Customs Union for Goods, by imposing customs controls on goods coming from Great-Britain to Northern Ireland. Restrictions provoked the anger of unionists advocating for the maintenance of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom. Clashes erupted last April.

According to The Telegraph, London is considering extending the offer period for cold meat, which ends on June 30: meat imports are generally banned from non-EU countries. According to the government of Boris Johnson, the risks of British chicken sausages and nuggets disappearing from British Irish supermarkets.

As for Brussels, London should have kept its word after knowingly signing the protocol. Faced with the dissatisfaction of the Unionists, the British government had already unilaterally postponed the adoption period for certain restrictions, especially for the food industry. The decision prompted the European Commission to launch a crackdown on the UK.