Georgia Republican teases Biden and Schumer, saying that the franchise should be more restricted like in Delaware, NY

A Georgia Legislature suggests that its state adapt its electoral laws to the more restrictive New York and Delaware regulations, an admitted “political stunt” designed to reprimand criticism President Bidenwho lived in Delaware and served as one of its Senators, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y.

In one Facebook post On Monday, Republican MP Wes Cantrell wrote that he would introduce “The President Joe Biden Jim Crow on the Steroids Voting Act” and “The Senator Chuck Schumer” on the vote to suppress racial voters “- both referring to sentences used by Democrats Politicians had previously used the Georgian law to beat up.

Cantrell’s post highlighted how the number of early voting days in New York and Delaware is more strictly limited and who is eligible to cast absentee votes.

“Since President Biden appears very concerned about our laws here in Georgia, this law will make Georgia’s electoral laws identical to those of his home state, Delaware,” said Cantrell.

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Neither the White House nor Schumer’s office immediately responded to Fox News’ requests for comment.

Biden had claimed that Georgian law prevented people from providing food and water to voters while they stood in line. He also accused the Republican-led state of ending the 5pm vote “when people are leaving work.”

Georgian law actually unifies what is considered “normal business hours” to 9 am-5pm, but allows counties to extend their voting hours to 7am and 7pm. In addition, poll workers can also provide self-service water from an unattended container within 150 feet of the polling station, but prohibit political organizations from actively distributing food and drink within that distance.

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As Cantrell noted The Washington Post gave Biden four Pinocchios for his voting time entitlement.

“Congratulations on your 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post,” read Cantrell’s post.

“And you didn’t spread misinformation just once. You’ve done it again and again. The electoral laws in Delaware are draconian compared to Georgia. Until you get electoral reform in your home state of Delaware, it is probably best if you suspend it. Um use your favorite phrase, ‘come on man!’ “


The new Georgian law provides for a 17-day early voting period with two additional Sundays for districts that so wish. Meanwhile, Delaware has no early voting Days and won’t have them until next year. In New York, early voting takes place for nine days and ends on the second day before an election.

And while Georgia allows voters to cast postal ballots without excuses, both new York and Delaware have specific criteria for participation, according to Ballotpedia.

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