November 28, 2022

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A friend sends me this happy text. In order to facilitate everyone’s research, I added links to the article’s note.

Hello everyone,

Video (Title “) of Carlo Brusa of 08/17/2021 Auditing does not prevent the law! 2) Contains essential practical information to get the current situation free, peaceful and all legal.

It brings the best news, allowing you to live without being vaccinated or tested by PCR.

(Censored on YouTube, this video is visible on Odyssey)

Auditing does not prevent the law!

Top Best News:

The Health Pass Ordinance for Antigenic Tests is exempt from law.

Based on the legal texts, M. Bruza states that, contrary to the order, antigenic tests are not obligatory in the presence of a third health professional (AG pharmacist).

In fact, anyone can self-examine and produce a sworn statement of test results. There is no need to do this in front of a third party health professional.

This means that vaccination or PCR testing is not mandatory to access the sites where the pass is requested.

Self-examination with affidavit is legally valid.

This evidence is currently accepted at several locations in Paris and even at a large Parisian university hospital.

Document of BRUSA presenting legal elements justifying that you can test yourself and issue a certificate of affidavit to all places (hospitals, EPHAD, bars, restaurants …) where the pass is requested.

If a company refuses, you have the right to file a complaint of discrimination.

This text is given orally in the following video:

WebTV Videos – Latest Video YT 100821 – Réaction19 (

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(I did not see the video in question but found the certificate of honor to be filled).

180821 – Self-Testing Pledge Report – Reaction19

Réaction19 enforces all legal and judicial procedures in all personal and collective proceedings and deals with legislative, mandate and regulatory activities.

Reaction 19. fr / 18/08/21 / attestation-sur-lhonneur-autotest

Second good news:

The health pass is illegal.

Legal evidence will be published online today on the website of the MRUSA Reaction 19 Association.

This document can be printed and given to companies that require a health pass to indicate that the health pass is illegal and that the restrictions imposed are in fact illegal.

Third good news:

Except for occupations targeted at the order (nursing staff and firefighters), no employee is required to vaccinate its employees.

In the video above, Me BRUSA briefly explains how to proceed with an employer who has to vaccinate you. It answers key questions about the rights of employers and employees.

Fourth good news:

European Commission approves monoclonal antibodies to treat Covid:

Since August 7, Italy has exercised this recognition by granting physicians the right to use this treatment.

France will follow because it is a European decision.

If the treatments are now approved, there is no need to vaccinate!

Fifth good news:

Tomorrow evening I will do Brusa (Thursday) A direct description of the state of the working world in more detail (duties of employees and employers, entitlement to withdrawal, sick leave, checks, restrictions, health pass, etc.)

Sixth good news:

On August 25, Mee Brosa will perform another live To provide legal points for the protection of children, to assure parents before the start of the school year, and, in general, to explain the “vaccination” policy implemented by the government.

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As you can see, the vaccine is hysterical and PCR crazy taking water from all sides.

Hold on and deny Bigus.

Thank you for sending all the good news around you.


Documents can be found on Master Brusa’s site: