Google’s own iOS apps are now literally begging for updates that aren’t available

Google hasn’t updated many of its iOS apps in weeks to avoid possible criticism of Apple’s new features mandatory App Store privacy labels. But now it seems like some of Google’s own iOS apps complain About the wait: We are now seeing confusing notices in Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Photos stating the apps are out of date – although no newer versions of the apps are available (via Techmeme Editor Spencer Dailey).

To see the notice, you need to log into your account. So if you’re already signed in, it might not show up. After entering your email address, you may see the following warning message: “You should update this app. The version you are using does not have the latest security features to keep you safe. Do not proceed unless you understand the risks. “

Notice from Google about a Verge Employees that their app is out of date.

After you click the Next button, you can use the app as normal – it will still work. However, without additional context, users could fear that they do not have the latest and most secure version of an app.

Google had promised that its apps would include the new mandatory Apple app privacy labels in a blog post on January 12thand the company has kept its word technically. For example, Google Authenticator and Stadia have been updated with the labels. During our tests with these two apps, the message “This app is out of date” did not appear.

We asked Google for a comment and will update this article with everything we hear.

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