Gov.Como offers a Thanksgiving Day update on COVID-19 efforts at WNY and NYS

Gov.Como offers a Thanksgiving Day update on COVID-19 efforts at WNY and NYS

Albany, New York – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has provided a Thanksgiving Day update for COVID-19 efforts in WNY and New York State.

Governor Cuomo says a record number of COVID-19 test results were reported to the state on Wednesday, November 26, 2020.

Of the 217,721 test results reported, 6,933 were positive, or 3.18%.

There are now 3,056 hospital admissions for COVID-19 across New York, up 74 from Tuesday. Sixty-seven New Yorkers died on Wednesday of a disease related to COVID-19. According to the governor’s office, 15 of these deaths were in Erie County.

The positive rate in the state’s small nesting areas, which includes Erie County and parts of Niagara County, is 4.90%, says Cuomo.

“We know what’s going on with the numbers because we saw the movie in New York, and we saw the movie all over the country. Positivity is getting higher, more people are getting sick, more people are hospitalized, more people go into the ICU, more people are intubated. The number of deaths is increasing. For the rest of the country, New York State is still doing very well and this is thanks to good procedures for New Yorkers, ”said Governor Cuomo. “In the Winter Plan, we will stick to the small group approach because this targets outreach, minimizes the economic impact, and emphasizes individual and community accountability. So this works very well, and all experts believe that this is an art-state. The Winter Plan will have three components – first, add more. From factors to small groups. Second, schools and testing schools to keep them open at a sustainable rate. Third, the vaccine distribution plan. Happy Thanksgiving. Celebrate, please just do it safe. Let’s not create more of the problem. Again, people should appreciate the split Here. The spread will be from people with previous symptoms who don’t even know the virus. It’s not that they will be harmful. It will be accidental and involuntary. So what seems safe is no longer safe in this crazy world

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