October 2, 2022

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Govit-19 – 2,000, 10,000, 25,000, is the number of daily cases still a good indicator to monitor the epidemic?

Among the increasingly vaccinated population, the number of new daily cases of Covit-19 seems to be losing its relevance.

Number of hospital admissions from contaminants. This is the case in countries where the majority of people are vaccinated. The curve of new hospitals for Kovit-19 no longer follows the new cases found in Israel and the United Kingdom. The country, led by Boris Johnson, is actually starting to rise again with the number of contaminants having no significant impact on hospital care or the number of deaths.

Has this indicator lost its relevance? However, this was pointed out by Gilbert Terre, head of the nephrology service at the Parisian hospital in La Pitic-Sulfatreier. “The connection between the number of cases and hospitalization / deaths in Israel and Great Britain has been severed”, He greeted himself on Twitter on July 1st. “If the vaccine is used ‘in large quantities’, it will allow normal life to be maintained despite the outbreak of infections”, He added, which is 1There is July.

There is a disconnect between the number of cases in Israel and Great Britain and the number of hospitalizations / deaths. If the vaccine is used “extensively” it will allow it to maintain a normal life despite the outbreak of infections. pic.twitter.com/a2IriPHvdC

– Dere Gilbert (il Gilbert Tere) July 1, 2021

The indicator of the number of new contaminants may be obsolete in the monitoring of infection and, more appropriately, may be altered by hospitalization.

The Prime Minister was recently pleased that a change, already registered in the United Kingdom, was possible with vaccination “Break the link“Between pollution and death, reports L.C.I.. Many officials elected from his party are increasingly in favor of abandoning daily publication of polluting figures, which they consider “intimidating” and “irrational.” An action taken by the US states of Alabama and Florida in particular, these figures are not weekly, not daily, in order to allow the country “Go to the next stage of its response to Govt-19”.

This also applies to Singapore “To get back to normal, it wants to stop focusing on the number of new cases and focus on hospital admissions, like monitoring the flu. A map that is a model for other countries.” Written by CNN.

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Nevertheless, some, like the epidemiologist Yves Copters cited by the LCI, are campaigning for continued monitoring “Both indicators, even if they are no longer connected”. The University recommends setting up a professor of public health at Libre de Bruxelles “Strict warning gates for hospitalization” Continued “Notice the pollution. “

The nature of the new contaminants, rather than their number, should be carefully considered, he suggests. And especially “Characteristics of Affected Persons“As The “age, comorbidities, and vaccine status” of new cases are essential information for “anticipating the evolution of an infection.”.