October 2, 2022

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Govit-19: High resistance to vaccine and highly contagious lambda variant arrives in Europe

In the United Kingdom, researchers are concerned about the origin of the lambda variant, which is highly contagious and resistant to vaccines, which are already believed to be found in less than 27 countries in Europe.

At first there was the alpha variant. The delta variant is, after all, highly contagious. Here comes the “Lambda” variant. This SARS-CoV-2 mutation is of concern to the United Kingdom, which is already severely affected by the delta variation. According to local officials, the new variant currently affects about 30 countries. This is especially the case in Peru, where it is responsible for 80% of pollution cases.

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This variation is worrying, as explained by Jeff Barrett, director of Govit-19, because it presents the mutations as “a set of very unusual mutations”. Genomics initiative at WelcomeSanger in the United Kingdom, in front of cameras Sky News. There are a total of seven strains of spike protein that this variant uses to infect humans, as explained in its columns Financial Times.

Very contagious and resistant variant

In practice, only the University of Chile saw this newcomer. Researchers say the “lambda” variant is more contagious than the gamma variants (known as the Brazilian variant) and the alpha variant (or British variant). “In December we had 200 lambda infections […] At the end of March, this represents half of all samples taken in Lima. Now, three months later, we are testing more than 80% of infections nationwide, ”said Professor Sukayama, a molecular microbiologist at the University of Guidano Heredia in Lima.

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This new variant is highly resistant to vaccines: “Our data show for the first time that mutations in the spike protein of the lambda variant allow the neutralization of antibodies, thus increasing the susceptibility to infection”, Report by Monica Acevedo de L Universita de Santiago. For now, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists this as a “variant to follow.” The fact is that it is already in circulation in 27 European countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.