November 28, 2022

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Govit-19: What do we know about the new Colombian variant that caused seven deaths in Belgium?

CONCERN – A new variant initially discovered in Colombia has caused the deaths of seven people who were vaccinated at a nursing home in Belgium. What do we know about this mutation?

Anxiety on the other side of the border. Several Belgian media outlets are reporting the arrival of a new variant in their country, responsible for the deaths of seven residents of a rest house in Sventem, south of Brussels airport. These deaths occur within two weeks, although fully vaccinated residents are concerned.

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Corona virus: an epidemic that shakes the planet

What is the status of epidemiology, sector wise?

This variant, which was initially detected in January 2021 in Colombia, is absent in mutations “Anxiety” In the World Health Organization classification. It is currently classified “Types of alerts for enhanced monitoring”. However, its properties are worrisome.

High resistance to vaccine …

Rami Solomon, chairman of the Medical Commission for the Establishment of General Aid-Paris Hospitals (AB-HP), said this variant, not yet named with the Greek alphabet, “Vaccine is more resistant to immunity” The delta variant, or more than the one originally found in South Africa, is responsible for almost all pollution in France. Vulnerable civilians – residents of nursing homes – but one characteristic that explains its nature of being vaccinated.

According to Rami Solomon, “Natural Immunity” Will be questioned by this variation. Thus, people affected by another strain of Govit-19, but not cured, will no longer be protected from this mutation and may be affected again.

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… but spreads less than the delta

However, the chances of this mutation spreading rapidly across the continent are slim, unlike the delta variant, which became a majority in a few weeks. “It spreads less than the delta variant”, Rami Solomon Note On Twitter. “I mean, he’ll have little chance of replacing him.”

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According to laboratory analyzes published by the RTPF, this variation represents less than 1% of cases in Belgium. “We don’t know how the virus spreads” Further “The delta variant is so powerful, it’s possible, but not possible, it will continue to increase.”, Promises virologist Mark von Ronst RTPF.

So the existence of this mutation is minimal and basically contained in some Clusters. Thus, within the Zaventem nursing home, there may be an asymptomatic visitor at the beginning of the thirty cases recorded at this nursing home in Belgium. About twenty eruptions of pollution by B.1.621, the scientific name of the variant, have been identified in the country.

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