October 2, 2022

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Govt: Priority does not rule out the return of the curfew order

Tension within the intensive care unit. Increase in event rate. According to Jack Billant, Reunion’s health condition is worrying. He wants to ask the government to withdraw more restrictive measures, such as restoring the curfew order.

Recent figures related to the Govt crisis in Reunion are worrying, according to Jack Biland. In an interview, he talks about the leader of the reunion “Danger Zone” By increasing the number of persons tested positive for Cov: 1000 per week. “The situation is worrying because the aggression rate of intensive care beds is now 90%” Announced as chairman.

“Considering the situation, I will ask the government to give me more powers.” He said, noting that he planned “Re-establish curfew order”. The move was elevated on the island at the same time as the end of the national emergency. But the state representative believes that more drastic measures should be re-enacted for the specific situation of the reunion.

Next Tuesday, during the Committee of Ministers discussion on the bill on compulsory vaccination of health workers, a specific point will be dedicated to the health condition of the island.

If conditions continue to deteriorate, we will act accordingly

Jack Billand, principal of Reunion

“The Indian variant has begun to spread on the island of Reunion, and we will act accordingly if the epidemic conditions continue to deteriorate.” Jack Biland clarified. According to him, “Only vaccine protection up to 80% of the population will allow effective immunity”.

He keeps saying it “Only vaccinated people can travel, or have compelling reasons”. He scored that these were compelling motives “Will not be elevated or lightened”.

Covid: Reunion leader Jack Billand considers return of curfew order

The current district order runs through July 21. It can be renewed, or reinforced.

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An adjustment that will definitely be made next week.