November 28, 2022

Green Tea Graffiti

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Hohensolar’s strange communication function

Hohenzollern Castle in Pisingen, southern Germany, January 22, 2020.

Letter from Berlin

Potstom, Sicilianhof Palace, January 10, 1932. Adolf Hitler was invited to have tea with William of Prussia. Between the leader of the Nazi party and the eldest son of former Emperor William II, the current passes. “Don Adolfo looks like a good, smart and educated person. He felt good with us. The atmosphere was very relaxed.”, Guilloom’s wife, Cecil, welcomes their son, Louis-Ferdinand, in a letter.

Placed in the archives of the Hohenzollerns dynasty that ruled Prussia and later the German Empire in November 1918, this letter is one of the documents quoted by historian Lothar Machton in his last book. Crown Prince and Nazis (“Crown Prince and the Nazis”, ed. Dunker & Humplot, not translated). The book has received considerable media coverage in Germany since its August 9 release.

Scary portrait

Why such interest? Truth be told, the content of the answer is less than the way it was published by the person at the beginning of the answer: Georges-Frederick de Prussia, grandson of the Cronprins and the current leader Hohensollern “home”.

At age 45, this business consultant did not hesitate to pick up his check book to persuade Lothar MacDonald to write about his grandfather. Emeritus, a professor at the University of Bremen, acknowledged that the latter had been touched “Five digit sum” For this task, but ensures that the inquiry is in complete freedom.

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300 pages long, his monograph gives a bad image to the Crown Prince. Extreme extreme right-wing anti-democracy, The eldest son of William II is described as an indecisive seeker of pleasure, as well as being so deep in the idea of ​​reclaiming the monarchy that it is impossible to coordinate any plan to achieve it. “Most of the scenarios he could have built to gain power have become utterly useless, contributed by his own irresponsibility, errors of judgment and lack of integrity.”, The historian observes, for whom “Its capacity for political action was reduced to nothing in the summer of 1932, of course (…) Because he has no personal agenda or calculated strategy.

After reading this shocking portrait, many journalists asked themselves the same question: Why is Prussia’s Georges-Frederick interested in promoting such a book? During the evening event organized in Berlin to announce this, he was said to be the heir apparent of Hohensollerns. “Surprise” And even “Shock” Reading some paragraphs. “However, I believe it is my and my family’s responsibility to shed light on this dark chapter in our history.”, He added.

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