How to watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ for Free on HBO Max on Christmas Day

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With theaters remaining closed or of limited capacity, the ongoing pandemic has forced entertainment giants from Warner Bros. to Disney to radically rethink their strategies for releasing films. Disney already has dropped his one-off spring tent mast Mulan on Disney + for an additional charge of $ 30, but Warner Bros. will go one step further on Christmas Day. Gift HBO Max subscribers with free access to the blockbuster sequel Wonder Woman 1984 for 31 days.

The move assumes the announced plans of the studio are releasing their entire 2021 movie Slate in the same wayThat said, if you’re not already a subscriber, it’s time to solve the HBO Max puzzle. However, if you don’t have to pay another monthly streaming service fee, you can enjoy the superhero movie for free on December 25th (or at a lower cost with an ongoing HBO Max subscription).

Get a free trial of HBO Max through Hulu or YouTube TV

The free trial for HBO Max is a thing of the past – most of the time. Just in time for the start of Wonder Woman 1984 and other upcoming blockbusters, HBO is no longer offering free trials to new customers. Fortunately, you can still try HBO Max for free for seven days if you bundle it with another streaming service.

Hulu has teamed up with HBO Max Offer one week free When you sign up for both streaming services or add HBO Max to your existing Hulu subscription. After the first week, the regular HBO Max price of $ 14.99 per month applies. If you sign up now, you’ll be able to watch the new Wonder Woman movie for free on Christmas Day and then without paying a dime. (If you’re a new Hulu customer, you can sign up for a one-month free trial of Hulu and a 7-day free trial of HBO Max at the same time, and cancel both of them before they expire.)

If you’re a YouTube TV Subscriber ($ 64.99 / month with a 5-day free trial), You can also sign up for a 7-day trial of HBO Max. Going this route will give you access to a much wider range of programming available on YouTube TV. However, be aware that the monthly cost of this service is quite high.

Use your HBO cable subscription

If you’re already a HBO customer, HBO Max hasn’t just made viewing the new streaming platform easier. At the starthaving confusion about their existing services (whether through a cable provider or the previous HBO Now and HBO Go apps) made it difficult to determine whether or not you already had access. The good news is, if you subscribe to HBO through your cable or satellite provider, you most likely already have access to HBO Max. Go To HBOmax.comClick on “Sign in” and select “Sign in via TV or carrier”. Once you have connected your TV provider, you can watch it Wonder Woman 1984 without additional costs.

Find a friend

You can have up to five profiles on your HBO Max account, which means you can share your HBO Max access with four others. If you don’t have HBO Max access yourself, call a friend and see if they’ve created a profile for you on their account. (If they say yes, you should also offer to share the cost with them. It won’t be free at this point, but at least you’ll be a good friend.)

Buy six months of HBO Max at a discount

HBO Max’s current price promotion won’t get you free access, but it will save you money in the long run. HBO is offering six months of streaming service for $ 69.99 when prepaid. At the regular price of $ 14.99, six months would cost about $ 89.94. Taxes and fees apply and the offer is only available through January 15, 2021. However, once you are paid you have 31 days to enjoy Wonder Woman 1984– and six months to see all other new movies and the usual HBO content.

Rent a movie theater with your bubble

As a concession to cinemas, Warner Bros allows viewers to watch their films streamed and debut them on the big screen at the same time. That means theaters will continue to play the film – assuming they’re open at all – and because of the pandemic rent an entire theater can only cost a bit more than a pre-pandemic ticket if you can get a few members of your quarantine bubble to share in the cost. Cinemas rent out their projection rooms to individuals for just $ 100. Bring your bubble buddies and your screening will cost about $ 20 (or less) each.

Going to the theater is still a risky business. In this case, take appropriate precautions to reduce the risk of transmission and spread:

  • Don’t go with anyone outside your household or a trusted quarantine bubble.
  • Always stay masked and stay socially distant in the theater.
  • Wash your hands frequently and bring plenty of hand sanitizer.
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