October 2, 2022

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Hurricane Elsa: Strong gases in the air cause damage to the Vaughan

Electric poles collapsed, a roof partially torn, plants on the ground. The first effects of Hurricane Elsa are already visible in Waglin. City teams are mobilized.

This Friday (July 2, 2021) at 9 a.m. it was a major windstorm that caused damage even in the districts of Humbert, Cadet or Pi des Mullets in the town of Waglin southeast of Martinique. ConsequencesHurricane Elsa Located southeast of the West Indies (between Barbados and Sine-Vincent).

According to the city’s security manager, the teams reported more or less severe damage.

Near the plaside, we have a pole, which is in danger of falling because it is only caught by the wires. This partially inhibits the causeway of the root canal. Smaller cars can still drive, but larger engines cannot.

In Humbert, too, an electric pole threatens to fall off the track.

In the catwalk, the trees fell, but it was good, the road was destroyed by services and cooperating people.

Tony Davidas, Wooklyn City Security Officer and 7th Auxiliary

But the most serious was the partial tearing of the roof of a fisherman’s hut in the district of Boy des Mullets. This caused damage to a local home.

Firefighters are on site so they can feel any other damage to this area that has caused minor damage such as fallen trees.

From 8 a.m. this Friday, the PCS security organization, the Communal Security Program, is in Town Hall. Police services and on-call personnel are on the ground.

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