October 2, 2022

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“In 2024, we will no longer have a single country,” Donald Trump promised during a meeting to launch a war for a by-election.

He said the event was organized in support of the “first meeting of the 2022 election”, the midterm election, the Republican candidate for Congress.

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On the way to 2024. Donald Trump officially launched his campaign for the U.S. midterm elections on Saturday, June 26, finding out the circumstances of the meetings he wants in Ohio, with an eye already on the next presidential election in three years. It was “First Meeting of the 2022 Election”, He stressed in the introduction, that the event was organized in support of the Republican candidate for Congress. “We will be in charge of the House (of Representatives) and we will take over the Senate“, Attacked the former president.

Donald Trump, famous for his open-air meetings with supercharged atmospheres, has returned for the first time since leaving the White House five months ago, during a one-and-a-half-hour energetic speech on all these meetings. He brought out his favorite themes: Running an America “For its destruction” Due to Joe Biden and election allegations “Stolen” By Democrats in 2020.

“Joe Biden is destroying our nation, right before our eyes. Who knows what will happen in 2024, we will not even have a nation!”

The 75-year-old real estate mogul has yet to openly acknowledge his successor’s success. “We have won the election twice and will have to win it a third time.”, Did he announce?

Max Miller, a former adviser to Donald Trump, organized the meeting in support of Anthony Gonzalez, who is running against the Republican who sits in the House of Representatives. The latter, representing Ohio, was one of ten Republicans in the lower house out of 211 who voted in favor of the indictment during Donald Trump’s indictment “to incite rebellion” after the January 6 Capitol events. “Anthony Gonzalez is a false Republican and a disgrace to your state”, Introduced Donald Trump, but rather praised the skills of Max Miller. “Max will be tough on immigration … he’s going to defend Ohio jobs just like I did.”