November 28, 2022

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In Baghdad, Emmanuel Macron visits an important Shia temple

This is the first time for the French president. Emmanuel Macron spent about two hours on Friday, August 28, in the company of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi, at a popular Shia temple in Baghdad. There he received a warm welcome.

After a regional conference focused on the fight against terrorism, tonight’s visit marked his first day in Iraq. He left for Iraqi Kurdistan, from where he will travel to the Sunni city of Mosul. Destroyed by the Islamic State, Where he will also meet Christian communities.

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But to mark his willingness to address all power-sharing beliefs in Iraq, he first decided to visit the temple of al-Qadimia, the main Shiite pilgrimage site where the tomb of the seventh and twelfth Imams are buried.


A long procession of cars led by the two leaders and their delegation arrived on a crowded street at 11pm on Saturday night, with colorful scenery and glowing signs, at the end of which are the majestic golden domes of the sanctuary.

Towards the monument, hand in hand, the two men and all spectators took off their shoes and found themselves on the Esplanade in the middle of the animated crowd as he approached the leader of a nearby Shia sect, Iraqi. .

In a mob that gave their two security services a hard time, they visited the tomb room and library with ancient manuscripts. In the French delegation in particular Jack Long and Kolenish to protect Eastern Christians.

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Fight ISIS

The Ayatollah welcomed the French president, who recalled the history of the library and its officials, who, at the invitation of the Shiites, mobilized Iraqis to fight against the Islamic State. All hopes.

This visit to the Shia Temple, “I believe, first for a French president”, Underlined Mr.

“It’s a sign of recognition. It’s a way of learning and understanding. If we want to function effectively in this region, it’s good to understand that I humbly think it’s a complex universe., He said in front of reporters when he visited the site.

“We have now held an important conference. France is keen to recognize all the elements of this people. Tomorrow I will be with the Dominicans, Sunnis and Yazidis. It is important that I join the Shia community.”, He concluded.

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