October 2, 2022

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In Brazil, hospitalized Jair Bolsanaro suffers from intestinal obstruction

Presidential Police with an ambulance carrying Brazilian President Jair Bolzano leave the Armed Forces Hospital in Brasilia, Brazil on July 14, 2021.

On Wednesday, July 14, Brazilian President Jair Bolzano was admitted to hospital in Brasilia suffering from intestinal obstruction and was announced to be transferred to Sao Paulo. The head of state was admitted to the Armed Forces Hospital overnight after more than ten days of continuous hiccups.

Mr Bolzano, 66, has suffered multiple intestinal perforations in a bomb blast in September 2018, in the middle of the presidential election campaign, and has undergone multiple surgeries over the past two years.

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“I have hiccups twenty-four hours a day.”

“The doctor responsible for the actions taken by the President after the 2018 attacks decided to diagnose a bowel obstruction and transfer him to Sao Paulo, where he will perform further tests to assess the need for emergency surgery.”, Explained the presidency in a press release.

The far-right leader has been mentioning these hiccups issues for more than a week. “I have had hiccups for five days. It’s already happened to me, probably because of the medication I’m taking, and I have hiccups twenty-four hours a day. “, He revealed during his weekly live on Facebook on Thursday.

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In July 2020, he was diagnosed with Govt-19, But experienced only mild symptoms and did not need to be hospitalized.

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