October 2, 2022

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In Florida, the situation where the building collapsed is clear

Study – Based on the many elements available, engineers interviewed by American magazines say that the first scene of the collapse started from the swimming pool located on the terrace. Nine people died and 156 were missing this Sunday.

Four days after the dramatic collapse of a 12-story building on a Florida suburb, many questions remain unanswered. One question remains in everyone else’s heart: beyond the downpour, what caused the collapse of this building that was built 40 years ago?

A groove in the appearance of the slope?

The beginning of an answer can be seen in two reports released in 2018 and 2020 American Press Who, on the one hand, pointed out the existence “Major structural damage” Building waterproofing and on the other hand, a diabetic phenomenon in the 1990s. After reading these elements, photos of the debris and construction plans for the tower, six American engineers drew the first scene of the collapse Thursday through Friday night. Interview Miami Herald, Experts say the concrete slab under the swimming pool would have led first, and the bridge collapsed in the parking lot below, at the base of the building. This waterfall would then have formed an abyss under a middle section of the tower, which would later collapse on its own.

The investigation to establish the exact circumstances of the accident took several months, and this theory, devised by six experts, is confirmed by the testimony of a woman who lives in the building. Being a part of Of the 156 people who went missing, Cassie Stratton called her husband Mike, shortly before the fall, Miami Herlot, A ditch in the swimming pool, explained to him that he could get out of the balcony on the 4th floor of his apartment. Then the discussion was abruptly cut off. “It’s 1:30 in the morning and I will never forget it”, Mike handed Stratton in the newspaper, yet without news about his wife.

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Answers are pending, and officials began an audit Saturday to assess the condition of neighboring buildings, designed in the same way. According to a recent report, the Miami-Tate mayor was contacted and, temporarily, nine people were killed in the disaster and 156 have yet to be found, despite a search for rescuers continuing through Saturday night, June 26th. Three new lifeless bodies were found in the rubble this Sunday morning and have yet to be identified. “To date, one victim has died in hospital, and we have recovered eight victims from the site, so today I confirm that the death toll is nine. ” Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa said.

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