October 2, 2022

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In Germany, vaccinated people are not imprisoned

7:22 pm: Thousands of Brazilians protest against Bolzano

Thousands of Brazilians have been protesting across the country against President Jair Bolzano, who has been on trial since the previous day. He is suspected of failing to report corruption in the purchase of vaccines.

“More than 500,000 people have already been killed by this government as a result of these false policies, fake news, lies, and now this ridiculous corruption scandal surrounding vaccines,” said Dr. Patricia de Lima Mendes, a 47-year-old AFP protester in Rio. This is the third day since the end of May that Bolsanaro has been mobilized to leave.

4:50 pm: Iran fears “fifth wave” linked to delta variation

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has warned of a “fifth wave” of epidemics caused by delta diversity: “We fear we are heading for a fifth wave across the country.” He called on citizens to fully respect health guidelines.

The worst-hit country in the Middle East is Iran. Out of a total population of more than 3.24 million, the disease has killed more than 84,600 people, according to the latest official figures, which are often underestimated by the authorities.

14h22: New restrictions in Indonesia

Strict restrictions came into effect this Saturday amid unprecedented corona virus outbreaks in Indonesia.

The country, which recorded new Saturday records of 27,913 and 493 deaths daily (Friday was 539), imposed partial control over the capital Jakarta, the island of Java and Bali.

Thousands of soldiers and police took to the streets on Saturday to enforce the new measures, and hundreds of checkpoints were set up as mosques, restaurants and shopping malls closed.

12h59: In Italy, 300 caregivers take legal action against vaccination duty

Italian newspapers reported on Saturday that 300 Italian caregivers had taken legal action to remove the duty of medical and health workers to vaccinate against Covit-19. On behalf of caregivers working in the Lombardy region, the case was appealed to the Presbyterian Administrative Court in Brescia, Cremona, Bergamo and Mandua. A trial is scheduled for July 14.

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12:36: According to Bruno Le Meyer, “growth depends on the vaccine”

“We are a nation, a collective responsibility, not the sum of isolated individuals that each can live on his side. The vaccine is part of this collective responsibility that ensures the health of all. Growth depends on the vaccine, ”said Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre In an interview Parisian Released Friday evening.

When asked about the compulsory vaccination against Govt-19 operated by the government, the Minister replied: “It seems natural for me to be vaccinated as it is particularly exposed to certain occupations such as caregivers”.

3 957 862

The epidemic has killed at least 3,957,862 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to an official estimate set by AFP on Friday.

The United States has the highest death toll (605,304), followed by Brazil (521,952), India (400,302), Mexico (233,248) and Peru (192,687).

These figures are generally underestimated based on the daily reports of national health officials. The World Health Organization estimates that the number of infections is two to three times higher.

12:05 pm: Germany: More restrictions on vaccinated

The Minister of Health declared that any control measures in Germany should not worry about those who have been vaccinated with two doses in the future.

“Unless there is a mutation that reduces safety, the whole vaccine means that vaccinated people do not need the same measures (restrictions) as last winter.”

10:26 a.m .: Daily death record for the fifth day in a row in Russia

The Russian government on Saturday recorded 697 deaths due to Govt-19 in the last 24 hours, the fifth day in a row when the country was hit hard by the delta variation.

Russia registered 24,439 new cases on Saturday, the highest since the country emerged from the second deadliest wave since mid-January.

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10 a.m .: Rohani fears 5th wave linked to Delta variant in Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday warned against the “fifth wave” of the corona virus caused by the delta variant, calling on citizens to fully comply with health instructions.

“We fear that we are heading for a fifth wave across the country,” Rohani told a meeting of the National Committee to Fight the Virgin, adding that in the southern provinces, caution is needed because of the delta variability. Spread “.

The worst-hit country in the Middle East is Iran. Out of a total population of more than 3.2 million, the disease has killed more than 84,000 people, mostly underestimated, according to the latest official figures.

8:25 a.m .: Investigation into “advance” charges against Bolzano

The Brazilian government has announced it will “open an investigation” into allegations against President Jair Bolsanaro, who is suspected of failing to report corruption in his government while purchasing vaccines against Covit-19.

7:54 a.m .: Contamination recorded in South Africa

South Africa, the country most infected with the new corona virus on the continent, recorded 24,000 new infections on Friday, with a total of more than two million cases, according to official figures.

7:34 a.m .: Registration of dead in Russia, no imprisonment

The Kremlin has rejected the idea of ​​combating a deadly new wave of epidemics that will hit Russia hard with the Delta variant.

The country set a new record for daily corona virus deaths on Friday, with 679 deaths for the fourth day in a row.

6:49 am: At Doctolip, you can book a second dose of the vaccine at your vacation spot

The vaccination campaign against Govt-19 is running without steam and the delta variant is lurking. This already represents 20% pollution. As Health Minister Oliver Varan promised this Thursday, the situation is raising fears of a fourth wave “from this summer”. In order to encourage the French to vaccinate quickly, the government makes it easier for them to access summer resorts. From Monday, Doctolip will be able to record recalls at any center in France.

6:47 a.m .: The number of patients admitted to the hospital is still declining

Hospital pressure in France continues to decline, with the Covid-19 hospital having fewer patients: there are currently 8,044, of whom 1,123 are in critical care. In the last 24 hours, 118 patients were admitted to the hospital and 17 patients were admitted for emergency treatment, which is assigned to the most severe disease. Finally, more than 24 hours later, we describe the deaths of 24 patients.

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