October 2, 2022

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In Hong Kong, the day after the search “Apple Daily”

Employees in the Newsstand queue with copies of the

Hong Kong pro-democracy daily Apple Daily Fought at kiosks on Friday morning, June 18, The next day for an exciting search of its premises, Sent a challenge message to the pro-Beijing force in “one”: “We must continue”.

The newspaper and its owner, now-imprisoned journalist Jimmy Lai, have long been in Beijing’s view of supporting the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and repeatedly criticizing the Chinese leadership. But the latter is determined to cover up this press element, as part of the acquisition of the former British colony, which must enjoy broad autonomy.

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More than 500 police officers surrendered for a search in the daily newspaper on Thursday, officials said in connection with articles accusing China of calling for sanctions. Five newspaper executives, including its editor-in-chief Ryan Law and chief executive Chiung Kim-Hung, have been arrested on charges of colluding with foreign forces under Beijing’s strict national security law imposed last summer.

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Increase in draft

After the search, the journalists returned to the newsroom, which contained several computers and hard drives that had been seized by police. But the editorial staff allowed it to appear overnight, a daily Friday created in 1995, in the view of many journalists in other media.

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The editor-in-chief liked the “first page” casually, presenting the faces of the five detainees, with a completely informed comment: “The National Security Police are checkingApple, Arrested five and seized 44 hard drives from editorial staff ”. Below, in very large yellow letters, we were able to read “We must continue”, Mr. Chiung told his staff when he was taken in handcuffs by police.

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The group has decided to print 500,000 copies, six times its normal circulation, betting that the Hong Kong people, who rallied en masse in 2019 to support the democratic struggle, will snatch this historic number.

In the popular Mongkok district, dozens of people lined up early Friday morning before the newspaper was delivered. “Normally, we sell about sixty copies, but this time we sold 1 800The owner of a kiosk told Agencies France-Press anonymously. Everything is sold out. We ordered 3 000 and we are waiting to deliver. “

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