November 28, 2022

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In Iraq, Macron faced a wave of Afghan shocks

The visit of Emmanuel Macron was centered entirely on Iraq. But it happened on Saturday, August 28, in Baghdad, in the shadow of Western defeat. In AfghanistanTwo weeks after the Taliban came to power in Kabul. The French head of state could not ignore the shock wave created by the hasty withdrawal of the United States and the victory of Islamic fundamentalists in Kabul.

The situation in Iraq is not comparable to that in Afghanistan, but both countries face a common threat, as demonstrated by the deadly attack on the country by the Islamic State (IS) organization. The airport, the capital of Afghanistan, is on the verge of becoming an airport until August 31, the only point of departure from the country.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadmi welcomes Emmanuel Macron on a two-day visit.  Baghdad Airport, Iraq, Friday, August 27, 2021.

Mr. Macron first held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Gaddafi. He later attended the “Conference of Iraq’s Neighbors”. Organized by Baghdad in conjunction with Paris, To open a forum for dialogue and cooperation between regional countries. In each of his interventions, Mr. Macron made assurances to Iraqi leaders about the US commitment to this vast region, strengthened by the defeat of Afghanistan, in the face of doubts.

“We will maintain our presence in Iraq”

He stressed that France would remain steadfast in the country against IS in the name of the fight against terrorism in the Green Zone of the Iraqi capital, where the Ministries and the US Embassy are located. “Whatever the US government’s choices, we will maintain our presence In the country, the French president said. “We have the ability to act” To do so, he said.

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August 28, 2021 Meeting at the Prime Minister's Office, the headquarters of the Iraqi government in Baghdad.

A way to distinguish itself from the ambiguity surrounding Washington’s intentions. Paris is eager for the United States to maintain its presence in Iraq. “If necessary”. Former President Trump reduced the number of U.S. employees to 2,500, at this point, Joe Biden is not in question.

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On the French side, about 800 soldiers are involved in the fight against terrorism in the framework of the “Chammal” operation – the name given to the French component of the “component resolution” of the integrated process that unites more than 70 countries on demand. Iraq. It aims to provide military support to local forces fighting ISIS in their territory. As for Paris, IS is still a real threat in Iraq, even if the “caliphate” is defeated in 2017. As of July in the capital, there are still more or less dormant cells capable of regulation.

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