November 28, 2022

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In New Caledonia, vaccination is mandatory for all adults, including tourists

In New Caledonia, only 30% of the population is fully vaccinated.

Vaccination against Govt-19 will be mandatory for all adults in New Caledonia, while only 30% of the area’s population is fully vaccinated. In total, 44.6 million people have been fully vaccinated Against Covid-19 in France, it represents 66.5% of the population.

  • Mandatory vaccination in New Caledonia

This obligation, unanimously approved by the Congress of New Caledonia on Friday, September 3, applies to all travelers wishing to visit the world’s rarest archipelago, free from Covit-19. This does not apply to minors or those with a medical disability.

The move is subject to a broad political consensus in New Caledonia. This should help increase vaccination. Due to the high contagion of the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, authorities are concerned about the introduction of the virus, although strict isolation conditions have been imposed on those allowed to enter the region. The low vaccination rate prevents the government from reopening its borders on December 31.

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Experts believe that the breakdown of the health system in the event of an infection can only be prevented if at least 60% of vaccine coverage is achieved. New Caledonia in particular is experiencing a shortage of specialized personnel, especially due to the restrictions imposed in March 2020 due to the health crisis.

However, the text, which was voted on Friday, does not offer restrictions on people who refuse to be vaccinated. On the other hand, professionals (airport agents, health workers, etc.) who are considered at risk of not being vaccinated before December 31 will be fined 175,000 Pacs (1,475 euros). “But if we find that this is not enough, we will introduce sanctions to the general public.”, Said Milagulo Tukumuli, chairman of the Congress Standing Committee.

  • In France, the variant is “very low”.

In addition, a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, called “Mu”, was first identified in January in Colombia. “There is little in France”Sibyl Bernard-Stocklin of France’s Department of Infectious Diseases (SPF) said during a weekly press conference on Friday.

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In addition, its existence “Does not seem to have increased recently” In the country, and elsewhere in Europe, he underlined. In France, it seems so “Decrease in August” When she was “Slightly increased” In June and July.

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Variation B.1.621, according to the scientific nomenclature, is classified as late August “Variation to follow” By the World Health Organization (WHO). This actually presents mutations that can be dangerous“Immune Escape”, I.e., resistance to vaccines. Health officials will follow “With great care” Its evolution over the next few weeks.

Another variation is under observation. It was found in C.1.2, South Africa and was reported last week. “Data is still fragmented”M saidMe Bernard-Stoklin. “Occasionally found in Europe”This is not the case in France “Nowadays”, She continued.

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