November 28, 2022

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In Washington, a man was arrested near the Capitol for allegedly possessing a bomb

On August 19, 2021, a man threatened to detonate a car bomb outside the Congress Library on Capitol Hill in Washington.

The new security alert around the Capitol in Washington ended with the arrest of a key suspect without clashes. In the early hours of Thursday, August 19, a black pickup truck pulled up near both seats of parliament. His driver told a police officer he had a bomb. Police immediately cordoned off several nearby streets “Suspicious vehicle near Congress library”, Suspected of possession of explosives.

Many buildings were evacuated when the FBI joined the Capitol Police in dealing with this warning. The negotiators tried to contact the person who did not have a license plate. Experts need to identify both the driver’s motives and the exact nature of what he was carrying.

“Joe, you’re killing America”

Although the police filtered the information with reasonable caution, social media was in front of them. The interrogator, 49, Floyd Ray Roseberry, who had already aired rants on Facebook, drove his vehicle and said he was talking to President Joe Biden. Mark Zuckerberg’s team quickly disabled their account, but the videos were taken on other sites. The suspect attacked certain foreigners who benefited from social security and pretended to be the proud representative of the south of the country.

Selfie of Ray Roseberry's Facebook post threatening to detonate a bomb on Capitol Hill in Washington on August 19, 2021.

“I love this land. We have so many options here, Joe. You shoot me and go with me two and a half blocks away.” Floyd Ray Roseberry threw a lot of dollars on the asphalt near his pickup. His wife, who was reached by the NBC, said he was fishing, so he left the family home in Grover, NC..

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“I don’t want to take a life”Floyd Ray Roseberry said he shot himself on a cellphone with a shaved head, salt and pepper goat and a white T-shirt, and a kind of barrel at the knee. “I am a good American patriot, Joe. (…) You are killing America. You want people to leave the United States. ”

Police first used a whiteboard to communicate with him, one of his officers said, before sending him a cell phone thanking him for an unused robot. He then got out of his car and surrendered.

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