“Incredible” meteor footage shows a bright fireball blazing across the night sky

"Incredible" meteor footage shows a bright fireball blazing across the night sky

Wednesday evening, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of the Australian coast of Tasmania, were aboard the research vessel investigator They witnessed something amazing.

At 9:21 PM local time, a bright green meteor appeared in the sky before exploding over the Tasman Sea – and it disappeared from view within a few seconds. If anything had reached the atmosphere, it would likely be near the ocean floor – a transient and final explosion of light, before it was gone forever.

But fortunately for us, this amazing event was not only seen by human eyes.

RV investigator she has Live broadcast 24/7And by a stroke of luck, the camera was just right to capture everything.

“The meteor crosses the sky directly in front of the ship and then breaks – it was amazing to watch the footage and we were very lucky to have picked up everything on the ship’s live broadcast,” Says CSIRO Flight Director John Hopper.

“The size and brightness of the meteor was amazing.”

With the accident footage in black and white, we will have to take the researchers’ word about a meteorite appearing in green, but a green meteor isn’t as rare as you think.

In fact, earlier this year, we wrote about another green meteor peering over the skies of Australia – that meteorite is located on the other side of the country in northwestern Australia.

“A lot of fireballs will turn green, and then they turn more orange as you go deep,” Eleanor Sansom, Desert Fireball Network project manager, told ScienceAlert at the time.

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While the color doesn’t tell us much about the meteor itself, the intense brightness of the fireball is It is a sign of the size and speed of the object.

“More than 100 tons of natural space debris enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day,” Astronomer Glenn Nagel explained CSIRO.

“Most of it disappears because it occurs over an uninhabited area like the Southern Ocean.”

Although the volume of incoming space debris appears extremely terrifying, small meteors are unlikely to cause problems for us on the surface. NASA has a list of large asteroids It tracks it, but most small meteorites burn up in the atmosphere and leave little trace, just as this meteorite appears to do.

With all those tons of space debris, you might think fabulous meteors would be a regular sight. In this case, although there have been a number of reports in Hobart of those who have seen the meteorite, no other footage appears to have taken place yet.

“ Cameras are everywhere, in our pockets and around our cities, but they must be directed to the right place at the right time – RV investigator It was at that place and time, ” Nagel said.

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