November 28, 2022

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Inuit Mary Simon became Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General

Governor General Mary Simon arrives at Rydo Hall in Ottawa, Ontario on July 26, 2021 with the Honorable Guard.

The Inuit woman and former diplomat Mary Simon became the first aboriginal woman to represent Queen Elizabeth II in Canada on Monday, July 26th. “Reconciliation” In a country shaken by residential school corruption.

“I am humbly ready to be Canada’s first Indigenous Governor General.”, He said in his first official speech Monday during the Senate installation ceremony in Ottawa. “I will strive to build bridges between different origins and cultures that reflect the uniqueness and promise of our great country.”, Said the determined 74-year-old Inuit woman “Represent all Canadians”.

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Due to the epidemic of Govt-19, Mary Simon was sworn in at a ceremony attended by only 44 guests, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trigger a “Historic Day” As for Canada, the new governor-general said reconciliation was not an easy task but a necessity “Daily Try”.

Faced the darker sides of his past

For Canada, his inauguration comes at a crucial time, facing the dark side of its past and its integration policy. In the late 19th century tens of thousands of Native Americans, Medes and Inuit children were forcibly forced into residential schools for Native people.e From the 1990s to the 1990s, they were separated from their families and culture. Thousands did not return.

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Referring to this reconciliation with the indigenous people, Justin Trudeau said that he had “Looking forward to working” With MMe Simon “Build a better country for all”. “We need people like Mary Simon because we need people to build bridges and unite us.”, He added.

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Born in 1947, Inuit was an ambassador of Nunavic (northern Quebec) to Canada and later to Denmark, where he defended the rights and culture of his people throughout his life.

Speaking in English, Inuktit and a small French, aboriginal rights activist recalled learning to live between them. “Two Worlds”. Failure to master French, one of the two official languages ​​of the country, has often been attacked since his appointment, and he is determined to learn it again.

Arctic Conservation

The new governor-general, who has made Arctic security one of his staff, also spoke about the climate crisis. “Canada is affected by climate change proportionately because the Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else.”, Who is the fifth woman to officially represent Elizabeth II, President of Canada.

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After all his appointment is a very political gesture because he has ethical functions: he is the commander in chief of the armed forces, officially announcing the laws and summoning or dissolving parliament.

To Thierry Rodan, Professor of Political Science at Laval University in Quebec “This is one more step towards a symbolic reconciliation”. Further “The Governor-General has no power over public policy, so it does not change access to drinking water, the colonization of relations established by Indian law, and the primacy of economic development over indigenous rights …”

On Thursday, Mary Simon II spoke via video conference with Queen Elizabeth II. He has been appointed for five years and succeeds Julie Boyet, who resigned in January after allegations of harassment in her office.

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