October 2, 2022

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Iran plans to produce 20% enriched uranium, which affects US and Europe

Efforts to secure the Vienna International Treaty seem to have been compromised a little more. Tehran, which caused concern among Americans and Europeans on Tuesday, July 6, has decided to further relieve itself of its nuclear obligations.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Agency France-Press Agency France-Press (AFP) “Produce uranium metal at a concentration of 20%”, In violation of its international obligations. “Activities started”, UN. Qasem Karibabadi, Iran’s Representative, confirmed Iran’s statement, quoting Iranian firm Irna, that they are aimed at upgrading. “Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products”.

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But Westerners fear that Iran is seeking to buy nuclear weapons under the guise of scientific research. “Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.”, State Department spokesman Nate Price commented during a press conference calling for an end to this. Provocative.

“Iran does not need a credible public to pursue uranium metal production or research and development, which is an important step in the development of a nuclear weapon.”, Announced in a joint statement to the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom “Big concern”.

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“A new step backwards”

The US withdrawal under Donald Trump and the re-imposition of US sanctions have undermined the Vienna-Iran nuclear deal in 2018. In response, Iran has relinquished part of its obligations. After arriving at the White House in January, Joe Biden announced his intention to return to the agreement, and talks resumed in April in the Austrian capital between the signatories to define the framework for this revenue. But in February, Tehran imposed restrictions on IAEA inspections and began producing uranium metal for research, an important issue because the material could be used in nuclear weapons production.

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Now by deciding to switch to a higher concentration rate, “Iran risks successful conclusion of Vienna talks”, Said European ministers.

“This is another step backwards from Iran because we have shown our true intention to return.” In the Vienna Agreement, Nate Price commented. “Such provocations will have no effect on Iran in the negotiations.”, He added, called for an Islamic republic “To end this expansion and return to Vienna for real negotiations and to be ready to complete the work that began in April.”.

These talks are currently stalled. “They won’t start again this week”, A European diplomat who contacted the AFP says he has no choice, while the new Iranian president, the radical conservative Ibrahim Rizi, takes office in August.

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