Ireland is the first European country to reimpose a lockdown amid a resurgence of the Coronavirus

Ireland is the first European country to reimpose a lockdown amid a resurgence of the Coronavirus

A number of European countries have witnessed a Renewed in a Corona Virus Cases and hospital admission. On Wednesday alone, at least 10 European countries announced records of daily cases.

Ireland, with a population of about 5 million, recorded more than 52,000 confirmed cases And 1,865 deaths.

As Europe prepares for the second wave of the pandemic, many countries have chosen Targeted and regional Restrictions.

Ireland has gone a step further with its national lockdown. Under the new restrictions, which are set to last until December 1, people in Ireland are required to stay at home and only exercise within a three-mile radius of their homes. Restaurants, cafés and bars can remain open for fast food and deliveries only, but most non-essential retail establishments, including hairdressers and barbers, will be closed. Only 10 people are allowed to attend funerals.

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told a news conference that Ireland “will be the first country in Europe to return to national lockdown”.

Varadkar said the move could result in 150,000 people losing their jobs and cost the government 1.5 billion euros. But he said the country needed to take a “preemptive strike” against the virus “before it was too late.”

Varadkar drew comparisons with the 1918 pandemic, indicating that the second wave was worse than the first.

“This is not inevitable this time,” he said. “We can make sure the second wave is nothing but a ripple, but that depends on us all.”

Some commentators note that this time there is a feeling of fatigue.

Tania Sweeney, columnist for the Irish newspaper The Independent, writes that “When the lockdown was announced in March, we gathered together in a kind of lightning spirit, and we were often keen to do our part in the“ war ”against COVID-19. But now, as we entered In a second wave of lockdowns, the nights are getting longer and many of us, while anxious to do the right thing, are a little exhausted. “

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There is “an embarrassing acceptance that this is necessary,” said Gilles MacElroy, a professor of politics at Trinity College Dublin. Both the main ruling parties and the opposition party support these measures, Mac Elroy said, but “people are just as tired and exhausted as they are in every other country in Europe.”

Ireland has 270.8 cases per 100,000 residents – a lower rate than many other European countries, including the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Britain. However, there is concern in Ireland about the speed with which its rates are rising, Mac Elroy says, and that the health care system has fewer critical care beds than many other European Union countries.

“There is a feeling that we need to act quickly before it becomes difficult to control,” she said.

Like most countries in Europe, Ireland remains committed to keeping its schools open with it Personal classes. In his address to the nation on Monday evening, Prime Minister Michel Martin said that children “need to be educated.”

He said, “We cannot and will not allow the future of our children and youth to be another victim of this disease.”

Martin said only “essential workers” would be allowed to travel to work, adding that construction projects and most of the manufacturing would be allowed to continue. He also said that the government will enhance financial support for companies and individuals affected by the closure.

“Social isolation and anxiety is a real problem for many people,” he added, and therefore those who live alone or parents alone or are at risk of social isolation could intermarry with another family to form a “support bubble.”

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Martin said: “I understand, and feel very personally and deeply, the sense of disappointment, feelings of loneliness, and perhaps even despair, that this announcement will bring about many.”

“The days are getting shorter and colder, but I ask you to remember this: Even as winter comes, there is hope. And there is light.”

Martin said that if everyone gets together over the next six weeks, “we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way.”

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