October 2, 2022

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ISIS ‘lone wolf’ takes action in New Zealand, injuring six

Outside the supermarket where the knife attack took place on September 3, 2021 in Auckland.

Sixty seconds after he started punching customers in a supermarket in Auckland, The man who carried out the sympathetic attack on the Islamic State (IS) organization was shot dead New Zealand police officers in plain clothes are responsible for its surveillance. Although fitted with a long knife stolen from this shopping center, he had time to injure six people, three of whom were still in critical condition on Saturday.

Within a minute, it is shocking that he could have done so much harm with the knife. But I think the police came as fast as they could and eventually paidIts The price of his actions, The mayor of a city of more than 1.5 million people on New Zealand’s North Island, commented Mayor Bill Koff.

Lament for an action Ignorant, EItsTestable The prime minister, Jacintha Ardern, underlined the cause of the tragedy during a speech to reporters Friday afternoon in the western suburbs of the city. An individual, a religion, a culture, not a race. He alone is responsible for his actions. ” She insisted before pointing out that the attacker’s motivation was good A violent and inspired ideologyE of the EI group.

MMe Under a previous court ruling against him, the Order was unable to provide additional information about the attacker, who was given the “S” in a New Zealand newspaper. But thirty-one was well considered “Lone wolf” Perceived as a threat by the country’s authorities, the Prime Minister confirmed that he had personal knowledge of his case. The “S” armed tactical team, which was recently released from prison on bail, was constantly monitored by police, including national security agencies.

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Confession of helplessness

This dangerous Friday, Glenn’s agents closely followed him for the Countdown, about 3 miles from his home in Eden. La RTrueIts When you monitor someone 24 hours a day, that is not possibleThree picturesItsDietment To cForIts His, Commenting, in an acknowledgment of helplessness, by Police Commissioner Andrew Coaster.

The man aroused police suspicion in 2016, five years after he arrived in New Zealand, which was already reported last month. NZ Herald. The violent content posted on his Facebook account at the time testified, among other things, that he supported the terrorists of the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

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