Israel headed to early elections with the collapse of the Gantz and Netanyahu coalition

Israel headed to early elections with the collapse of the Gantz and Netanyahu coalition

Israel’s ruling coalition collapses, paving the way for the fourth elections in two years.

News Lead: Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced tonight that his Blue and White party will vote in favor of dissolving Parliament on Wednesday because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Gantz’s political rival-turned-coalition partner – has been refusing to pass the budget and backtracking on the power-sharing deal.

Netanyahu has not promised any tricks and responsible management of the COVID-19 crisis. … he didn’t lie to me – he lied to you. He led the Israeli people. “

– Benny Gantz

why does it matter: The vote on Wednesday is only an initial step, but it will set an almost irreversible path toward early elections next March.

Play condition: The government needs to pass the 2020 budget by December 23 to survive, but Gantz is adamant that Netanyahu also agrees to approve the 2021 budget by then.

  • This would make it legally impossible for Netanyahu to reverse the coalition agreement under which Gantz will rotate as prime minister on November 17, 2021.
  • Between the lines: When the deal was announced last April, many analysts doubted that Netanyahu would willingly relinquish the premiership.

what are they saying: Gantz has said he joined the power-sharing government due to the COVID-19 crisis and has no illusions about Netanyahu, who he has described as a “broken promise.”

  • He accused Netanyahu of only worrying about his political survival and saving himself from the corruption trial, which is due to resume in two months.
  • Gantz added that in the event that elections are held, he will try to form a broad government that does not include Netanyahu.
  • Netanyahu posted a video Several minutes before Gantz’s press conference. He stressed his desire for unity and urged Gantz not to vote in favor of dissolving the Knesset.
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What’s Next: Gantz left a small chance by saying that early elections could still be prevented if Netanyahu raised the 2021 budget to a vote in the cabinet in the next three weeks and ensured that it would pass the Knesset shortly thereafter.

  • Netanyahu is unlikely to take these steps, as he does not wish to pursue the rotation deal.
  • Opinion polls also show that Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc is far ahead in a possible election match.

Bottom line: Preventing early elections requires a miracle.

deepen: Gantz’s “Submarine Case” probe signals the end of the agreement

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