October 2, 2022

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Israel warns of ‘new wave’ after cases escalate

Israeli health officials on Wednesday warned of the risk of a “new wave” of infections following a slight increase in the number of Govt-19 cases in the country.

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett warned on Tuesday that there was a “new wave” of corona virus contamination after an increase in the number of patients charged with delta variation introduced to Israel by travelers.

After recording a few new daily infections in recent weeks, Israeli authorities on Monday identified 125 new cases, with more than half the population in one country receiving two doses of the corona virus vaccine.

A few new infections

“We have decided to act as if we are facing a new wave of the virus,” said Naphtali Bennett, who arrived at Tel Aviv International Airport. “Our goal is to put an end to it, take a bucket of water and pour it into the fire when it is still low.”

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of deaths due to Govt-19 is low, however, only one death was reported on Tuesday. Naphtali Bennett says the increase in pollution is caused by the spread of delta variation that has emerged in India and is considered more viral than others.

More than 1,000 people have been isolated in Phenimina (north of Tel Aviv) since the return of travelers from Cyprus, the prime minister said during a press conference, urging them to avoid traveling abroad. Officials say an additional screening center will be set up at Ben Gurion Airport to ensure PCR testing is done when all passengers arrive.

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The country is still closed to non-citizens

Israel is closed to non-nationals, except those who are exempt for compulsory professional or family reasons.

Naphtali Bennett also called for children as young as 12 to be vaccinated “sooner”, while boys aged 10-19 are the most affected this month.

At the height of the epidemic in January, about 10,000 cases were recorded daily in Israel, before a major vaccination campaign was allowed to fall.

Of the 9.3 million Israelis, more than five (55% of the population) have since received two doses of the vaccine. On June 15, the obligation to wear a health mask in closed public places was removed. Naphtali Bennett pointed out that wearing a mask is again mandatory at Tel Aviv Airport. In total, more than 840,000 contaminants have been identified in Israel, including more than 6404 deaths since the outbreak.

Jean Poland with AFP PFMTV Reporter