October 2, 2022

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Italy: A far-right elected official kills Morocco in a public square

Control – Near Padua, a Moroccan man is shot dead in an argument with a right-wing elected official who says it was an accident. His party leader, Matteo Salvini, defends a “defense.”

The tragedy happened on the evening of Tuesday, July 20: an Italian far-right, municipal deputy elected for the defense of Vogera, near Padua in the north of the country, shot dead a Moroccan during an argument in a public place. Citing sources close to the investigation, according to the Ansa agency, the government has opened an investigation into the defense. Meanwhile, Massimo Adriatic, an elected member of La Ligu and a former police commander, is under house arrest under court supervision.

The victim was identified as 39-year-old Moroccan Juan El Possettavi, according to the Milan newspaper. Courier della sera. When the select press intervened, local newspapers reported that he had harassed a woman outside a bar in Wokhera. The man started pushing him after calling the municipal deputy police. Hitting a shot in the chest, the Moroccan man dies. The pickpocket, who was carrying a gun, says he was shot the moment he fell to the ground. Contacting the AFP, local police could not be reached immediately.

According to the Milan newspaper, the selected officer had a license to carry a weapon, and the victim has a serious criminal record.

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Mr. Matteo Salvini, former Interior Minister and leader of the League Party. There was adriatic “Victim of the attack” And played “In self-defense”. “He accidentally responded with a shot, which unfortunately killed a foreigner.”, He said in a video posted on his Facebook page, with the aim of easing the growing controversy in political parties.

In this video, “No “Far-West”: Defensive Hypothesis Reaches Land “, He responded to his political opponents, especially Valentina Parsotti, a member of the 5 Star Movement: “As we are in the Wild West, it is unacceptable for an unarmed person to lose his life if shot in a public square.”, According to the daily Republic.

Alan Ferrari, a Democrat senator (center-left) elected from the region, also urged Matteo Salvini to condemn the facts after the tragedy. “In a civilized and democratic country, a deputy does not shoot a person”, He estimated.

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