October 2, 2022

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Ivory Coast: Criminal court upholds 17-month life sentence for Guillaume Zorro, his two brothers, Alain Lopoknon and Sakongo Felician

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Guillo Soro

The verdict came at 12:45 a.m. this Wednesday at the trial Guillo Soro And 19 of his relatives were charged with “conspiracy against the security of the state, participation in an armed group without the use of any order, unauthorized possession of first-class firearms and maneuvers that could affect public safety.”

Guillo Soro, A 49-year-old former speaker of the National Assembly, was convicted and sentenced In prison For life.

His brothers Ricobert and Simon and Alain Loboknan and Sokongo Felician each received 17 monthsIn prisonnement. So they were free, and they could return home on Wednesday because they had spent more than a year and a half In prison From December 23, 2019.

The complicity in the attack on state power was denied. They were found guilty of disrupting public order and spreading false news.

The sentences handed down by the criminal court are similar to the claims. The public prosecutor, in fact, demanded In prison Life to the eldest of three Zoro brothers, 17 months to Simon, Ricobert, Alain and Felician.

The tribunal sentenced them to 20 years in prisonIn prisonEventually, all five tried six players without appearing.

So a very important test ended in C டிte d’Ivoire, which opened on May 20 and lasted more than a month. Discussions were sometimes very heated between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry, especially at the beginning of the process.

The verdict came on Wednesday, June 23rd.

Four of the twenty defendants were not convicted of attempting to seize state power.

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Penalties are from 17 months In prison Permanently. The tribunal also announced that it would lead the GPS movement Guillo Soro.

All the other convicts except the acquitted Troy Babu must pay a billion to the state of C டிte d’Ivoire.