October 2, 2022

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Joe Biden visits church after clergyman announces abortion

Following the vote of the American Catholic Bishops’ Conference, members of the political world who support the right to abortion will soon lose their unity.

U.S. President Joe Biden visited a church in his hometown of Delaware (East) Wilmington on Saturday, June 19, the day after the decision by the American clergy to seize world members of the pro-unity policy in favor of the right to abortion.

Defenders of this right, Joe Biden and his wife Jill visited St. Joseph’s Church in Brandywine, including its tomb where Nilia, the president’s first wife, their daughter Naomi and their son Beau are buried. An ardent Catholic, he attends Mass at least once a week. She supports the landmark decision of the US Supreme Court in 1973 to legalize the right to abortion.

Widely voted plan

US Catholic Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) voted by a majority (168 votes to 55) on Thursday.Mercy means in the life of the ChurchThis may contradict policies that support abortion. Mercy or unity is an important rite of passage in the Catholic faith, during which believers receive the symbolic host of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. “It’s personal, I don’t think it will happen“When asked about this speech and its purpose, Joe Biden responded Friday.

In May, the Vatican urged U.S. church officials to be vigilant about possible actions.Status of Catholic authorities in favor of legalizing abortion, euthanasia or other moral prejudicesCNS, an American Catholic organization, determines who each bishop can currently receive communion in his diocese.

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Joe Biden was denied unity in an American church in 2019 because of his position. He recalled receiving it from the pope.