November 28, 2022

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Justin Trudeau calls on the Catholic Church to recognize its “responsibility” after the remains of 215 aboriginal children were found at a former boarding school

The former boarding school in Kamloops, British Columbia, where the remains of school children were located, was run by the Catholic Church between 1890 and 1969.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday, June 4, refused to recognize the Catholic Church. “Responsible” And his “Part of the crime “ In the administration of residential schools in Canada. Tribal calls for an apology to Pope Francis have increased in recent days following the discovery of the remains of 215 tribal children at the site of a former boarding school in British Columbia, which is run by the Catholic Church on behalf of the government.

Justin Trudeau invites Canadian Catholics to speak with their priests and bishops “The Catholic Church has its responsibility, the role of her guilt, above all, (she) must be there, so we know the truth..

A former boarding school in the Kamloops, British Columbia, last week the remains of school children penetrated the ground by radar, conducted by the Catholic Church between 1890 and 1969. Nearly 150,000 Native Americans, Medis and Inuit children were forced into 139 such boarding schools across the country, where they were isolated from their families, language and culture. In 2015, a National Commission of Inquiry called for the organization “Cultural Genocide”.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on Monday estimated the remains found near the old Kamloops boarding school. “It simply came to our notice then“And shared his “Deep Tragedy”, But without a formal apology. The head of state added that his government was ready to take over if needed “Strong measures”, Including Is legal, To force the church to return the documents requested by the families of the victims.

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