November 28, 2022

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Leaked on the Internet of the President’s anti-Govt vaccination certificate

The Indonesian president’s corona virus vaccination certificate was aired on the Internet on Saturday, raising concerns among Indonesians about the security of their medical data.

Indonesia has experienced many data breaches in the past, sometimes on a massive scale. The government says President Joko Widodo’s vaccination certificate, known online, has been used by users to track his medical data through the official vaccine surveillance application, the Bedlink.

Some approached Mr. Joko Widodo’s vaccination certificate using the vaccine testing feature available at Pedulindungi.2, the official statement released on Friday pointed out. Ajeng Wipo, a 39-year-old resident of Jakarta, said the leak had made him tense and called for tougher cyber security laws.If a president’s data is leaked, what about me as a normal human being?.

200 million Social Security registrars were hacked by hackers

Health Minister Pudi Gunadi said the data of government officials was blocked after the leak was discovered. PeduliLindungi has confirmed that the government is working to strengthen the data security of users.

The leak comes just days after information technology experts revealed that information on 1.3 million users of a government application for testing and diagnosing Covid-19 patients had been leaked to the Internet. “Data breaches often occur in Indonesia due to the high digital penetration in the country, unfortunately the real digital literacy of those who manage data is not followed, Alphonse Tanujaya, a cyber security expert in Jakarta condemns.

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Indonesians expressed their anger online. “How many more serious cases are needed to show that computer systems and data management are failing in our country?” Wrote one of the Twitter users. In May, the data of more than 200 million social security and health insurance registrars was hacked by hackers.