November 28, 2022

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Live – Afghanistan: Taliban celebrate Americans’ exit

Picture of the last American soldier to leave Afghanistan

This is the picture of the night: General Chris Donahue is the last American servant to leave Afghanistan. The Pentagon released a snapshot of him leaving.

“This is an incredibly difficult task,” Chris Donahue wrote to the 18th U.S. Air Force on Twitter, “with constant threats.” “Our troops have shown courage, discipline and empathy.”

Taliban celebrate Americans’ exit: “We made history”

The departure of the Americans was celebrated by the Taliban who took control of the Kabul airport. On this occasion a successful shooting took place in the capital.

“We have made history,” said Anas Haqqani, the leader of the fundamentalist movement.

US will “work” with Taliban if promises are kept

Hours after the departure of the last US troops in Afghanistan, US diplomatic leader Anthony Blinken said the United States would “work” if the Taliban “did their duty.”

“Every step we take will not be based on what the Taliban government says, but what it does to fulfill its obligations,” said Anthony Blinkan, who stressed that Afghanistan’s new masters must be “legitimate” and worthy of the support of the international community. .

“The Taliban want international legitimacy and support. Our message is to get legitimacy and support,” he said.

In the immediate future, the United States suspended its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and shifted its embassy operations to Doha, Qatar, the Foreign Secretary said, referring to the country’s “uncertain security environment and political situation”.

This “new diplomatic mission” will be led by a “new team” led by Ian McCarthy, the US embassy number two in Kabul.

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Joe Biden speaks at the end of the day

According to a White House report, President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., explaining his decision not to extend the U.S. visit to Afghanistan beyond August 31.

“Our twenty-year military presence in Afghanistan has come to an end,” the president confirmed in a statement after the US president’s flight departed.

Joe Biden thanked U.S. troops there for making “the largest air evacuation operation in U.S. history” in 17 days, helping more than 123,000 people (Americans, translators and other Afghan allies and citizens of the United States) flee the country.

The Americans left Kabul, Afghanistan, for the Taliban

Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to the situation in Afghanistan, from which the U.S. military withdrew completely last night just 24 hours before the deadline set by Joe Biden.

“The last C-17 took off from Kabul airport on August 30,” General Kenneth McKenzie, head of Afghanistan’s Central Command, told a news conference at 19:29 GMT.

U.S. Ambassador Rose Wilson and General Chris Donahue were the last Americans to leave the country. The two finally boarded the plane.

At the end of the longest war in American history, the United States leaves the country at the hands of their 20-year-old rival, the Taliban.