October 2, 2022

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Live – Govit-19: More than 10,000 cases in 24 hours in the United Kingdom, first case since February

An arthritis truck against the seven forms of covit

A clinical trial showed a positive effect on the arthritis drug tofacidinip in the treatment of patients hospitalized with Govit-19, the results of which were released on Wednesday. New England Journal of Medicine.

The cassette, which is sold among others under the Geljones brand, has been tested on 15 sites in Brazil, in a clinical trial of 289 patients admitted to hospital with Covit severe forms. Half of them received medication – two tablets of 10 mg a day – and the other half with placebo and therapy.

After 28 days, 18.1% of the treatment group members developed respiratory problems – for example, induction or need for a ventilator – or died, compared with 29% in the placebo group. Overall, approximately 5.5% of the placebo group members died, compared with 2.8% of patients taking topazitin.

“We are encouraged by the first results of a randomized trial of tofacidin for patients admitted to hospital with Govit-19 pneumonia,” said Albert Einstein of Ottavio Pervanker, an Israeli hospital that conducted the clinical trial, in conjunction with Pfizer.

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