Los Angeles Police are pledging to make arrests if protesters again disable the Dodger Stadium vaccine site

Los Angeles Police are pledging to make arrests if protesters again disable the Dodger Stadium vaccine site

Days after anti-vaccination, far-right protesters Operations were disrupted at one of the country’s largest coronavirus vaccination sites At Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore said Tuesday that any such protests in the future would be met with swift arrests.

Moore said during a virtual meeting of the Police Commission in the morning: “Our job is to be immediate and swift in the sense of holding them responsible for this illegal activity.”

Protests will be limited to a Area near the entrance to the stadium In an effort to balance people with First Amendment rights and the need for the vaccination site to continue operating, Moore said. He added that the officers would not be impatient to repeat the disaster on Saturday, when unconvinced protesters wandered into long car lines, intimidating people and stopping their entry to the stadium site.

“It is my expectation and my directive … that individuals will be arrested, martyrdoms will be, and their actions will be stopped,” Moore said. “This from now on is a way to ensure that the lines remain open, and that vaccine sites are not obstructed.”

UNHCR Chair Ellen Decker welcomed the president’s assurances, describing the protesters ’attempts to prevent people from getting vaccinated as” sad “and” tragic. “

“Interfering with people getting life-saving vaccines is not to blame,” Decker said.

She said people “definitely have the right to the First Amendment to express themselves” but not to interfere with others’ medical care.

She followed Moore’s promises Anger Of local officials who demanded that no accident like the one that happened over the weekend be allowed to happen again.

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After 40 to 60 protesters appeared Saturday on the stadium road carrying banners denouncing masks and shouting unfounded allegations about the risks of the vaccine, Los Angeles Fire Department officials closed the main entrance for about an hour.

Pictures of the closed gate quickly spread. Some of those in line awaiting the shooting expressed frustration with the way the police had handled the situation. County officials expressed their displeasure In the belief that such an important public health effort – crucial for a region home to millions – could be hampered by a few dozen uninformed protesters.

On Tuesday, Moore repeated his previous assurances that vaccinations would continue while the gates were closed and that people who had appointments were still able to get vaccinated. He said that the officers at the site acted appropriately in calming the situation and eventually pushing the protesters to move forward.

However, closing the gate gave the public the wrong and dangerous impression that the protesters had succeeded in stopping the vaccinations, “an image I am not very happy with,” Moore said. “These images, in my view, did indeed present a frightening effect, or could have provided a frightening effect of intimidation or fear.”

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