Malcolm Jenkins comes home on Sunday and is still upset about how he left Philly

There is only as much “PAY THE MAN” shouting as any city can do before the Eagles ultimately decide against it. And that’s exactly what happened after ONE YEAR from Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman, and others, who reassured everyone that Malcolm Jenkins was respected and valued. He was not. It should be now.

In one of the saddest moves of this off-season, Malcolm Jenkins signed with the team that designed it years ago New Orleans Saints. But just because he started his career in New Orleans doesn’t mean Philly isn’t home. He made the point on Wednesday when he spoke to the media ahead of his return to The Linc – a game he has been looking forward to year-round.

“I gave the city, the team everything I had. Did everything the coaches asked me to do, did everything to make the players around me better and tried to put my best football out there. And it just wasn’t that much appreciated by those who make the decisions. For me it was more of a principle of respect. I really didn’t care what the money was. But I wanted to see what the respect factor was. And it wasn’t appreciated what I was thinking. And that’s how decisions are made. And I ended up in a place that values ​​what I bring with me. “

This man was a team captain, a city leader, the only player who lined up in 7 different positions, didn’t miss a defensive snap in two years and if that wasn’t enough, he also helped out in special teams. He even trained his own replacement (Rodney McLeod – and Will Parks) after signing with the Saints. I mean come on Who does that? Malcolm Jenkins does that. It was both a surprising move and something you would 100 percent expect from one of the classiest guys in the game.

He didn’t deserve to be played for who he was. When he held out a deal in 2019, he was assured that they recognized his role and contributions to the team’s legacy. Jenkins signed up for the camp, doing nothing less than their best every day, and yet at the end of the season the team failed to maintain the end of the deal.

Now, Jenkins is likely to retire from New Orleans after signing a 4-year deal worth $ 32 million in early 2020. He is the leader in top defense in the NFL and has a total of 62 tackles, 9 pass separations, 2.0 sacks and 2 interceptions in 12 games.

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