October 2, 2022

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Mass grave truck case in Great Britain: A new arrest

Italian police announced on Saturday 12 June that they had arrested Stephen Damian Dragos, a 28-year-old Romanian citizen wanted by Britain in connection with the kidnapping of immigrants. 39 Vietnamese, in the trailer of a truck.

Stephen Damien Dragos has been charged with providing a truck carrying immigrants to the UK, according to a police report. Mr Dragos was arrested by police in Milan on a British arrest warrant. “Belonged to a criminal organization dedicated to illegal immigration”, Adds a news release.

39 Vietnamese immigrants – two of the youngest of whom are 15-year-old boys – died of suffocation and hyperthermia within the confined space of the container, which they believed was new life as they were taken to Britain. The bodies of 31 dead men and 8 women were found inside a trailer in October 2019 in East London.

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Illegal immigration routes

This gruesome discovery sheds a harsh light on illegal immigration networks that have boosted candidates’ confidence in deportation and are willing to take all risks and pay huge sums.

Ronan Hughes, 41, of North Irish Road, and Giorga Nica, 43, of Romania, were convicted in January of plotting to assassinate leaders of a kidnapping group. Twenty-seven years in prison for the murder and abduction of immigrants.

Maurice Robinson, The driver who drove the truck when the bodies were found was sentenced to thirteen years and four months in prison. Eamonn Harrison, a 24-year-old driver who drove a trailer to the Belgian port of Jeeprook and said he did not know the occupants of the plane, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. In Vietnam, Seven were convicted.

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