November 28, 2022

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Massive visit of Govt patients to CHU emergency rooms

Govt emergencies are a heavy burden with patients and others who follow. This was the tragic situation at CHU during the visit of Sebastian Legornu. The foreign minister has already announced the color this Tuesday evening: the tightening of prisons in Guadeloupe from Friday.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sebastien Legorn began his journey to Guadeloupe in a wheelchair.

Visit to CHU

From 7:30 pm, the government member was expected at the University Hospital Center (CHU), where he spoke with actors of the Govt crisis, including Gerrard Cottilan, director of the Health Institute, head of the SAMU department, and Dr. Bruno George, head of the Center for Critical Care Management, Dr. Bruno George Even. Director General of the Regional Health Institute Valerie Denex was with them.

Minister Visit MOM Sebastian Legorn 10/08/2021

© Florence Peromal

Minister Visit MOM Sebastian Legorn 10/08/2021

The truth is, this Tuesday evening, the Govt emergency was particularly crowded. Nearly a hundred people, showing symptoms or being suspected of being infected with the virus, came to consult.
On Gristel Theophilus’ microphone, in a particularly critical situation within the service, what Gerard Cotellan was dissatisfied with:

Gerard Cotellan: “We don’t know where to put the sick.

Welcome to reinforcements

The foreign minister returned to the “Guadeloupe-Bele Carrebus” airport, where he landed a few hours ago, to welcome caretakers from France who had responded to the government’s call. Their colleagues in the archipelago, exhausted and numbered, face the evolution of the epidemic domestically.

Minister Visit MOM Sebastian Legorn 10/08/2021

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Ud Ludivine Guiolet-Oulac

Minister Visit MOM Sebastian Legorn 10/08/2021

Ud Ludivine Guiolet-Oulac

The word is over: as in Martinique, “severe imprisonment”

This is where Sebastien Legorn made his announcement (before a meeting of the Monitoring Committee is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon) before exchanging views with local elected officials (feared by a section of the population): as of Friday night, when the archipelago is actually completely under control.

This imprisonment [à savoir le confinement allégé actuel] Unfortunately we need to tighten it up because we need to control the infection even faster (…) with additional closures. More or less a prison like the one in Martinique, but I will allow consultations tomorrow.

Sebastien Legorn, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Tomorrow, during the weekly press conference, Kovid will be responsible to the President of Guadeloupe, Alexandre Rossatte, to clarify things around the epidemic.