November 28, 2022

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Morocco condemns Algeria’s “unjust” decision to sever diplomatic relations between the two countries

Morocco responded in a statement released Tuesday evening.

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In a statement issued late Tuesday, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry regretted the decision “Absolutely unreasonable but expected” Of Algeria, condemnation a “Expansion Logic” And rejection “False, absurd, excuses underlie it.”.

Kingdom of Morocco “He will be a reliable and loyal partner to the Algerian people and will continue to act wisely and responsibly for the development of healthy and fruitful Maghreb relations.”, The text continues.

Algeria announced on Tuesday that it was severing diplomatic ties with its neighbors, accusing it of “hostile actions” against Algiers after months of escalating tensions between the two Maghreb countries, which have traditionally had difficult ties.

At the end of July, King Mohammed VI condemned it “Tension” Along with Algeria, Algerian President Abdelmatjit Debou calls “To Conquer Wisdom” And “Work Together for the Development of Relationships” Between the two countries.

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