Myanmar army sacks the UN ambassador after anti-coup speech

Myanmar army sacks the UN ambassador after anti-coup speech

Myanmar’s military regime on Saturday sacked the country’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kyaw Mo Tun, a day after his pro-democracy presentation. Speech Calling on the member states of the United Nations to condemn the February 1st coup, The New York Times reports.

Last: Kyaw Mo Tun To Reuters Later on Saturday, I “decided to resist as long as possible.”

  • Earlier in the day, Myanmar state television said the ambassador “betrayed the country and spoke on behalf of an informal organization that does not represent the country and abused the ambassador’s authority and responsibilities.”
  • Kyaw Mo Tun was outside Myanmar when the coup happened, according to the newspaper.

Fast catch up: The UN envoy was appointed under a civilian government that shared power with the military before the coup. He said he was speaking on behalf of the government of Aung San Suu Kyi and asked UN members to condemn the coup, not recognize the military regime and take “all the strongest possible measures” to stop Myanmar’s law enforcement authorities’ attacks on protesters and end the war. Coup on the spot.

  • Reuters reported that “the United Nations does not officially recognize the junta as the new government of Myanmar, as it has not received official notification of any change,” noting that Kyaw Mo Tun is still Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations at the present time.

It is worth nothing: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed support for Kyaw Mo Tun’s speech, say“The United States commends the courageous and clear statement made by Permanent Representative Yu Kyaw Mo Tun, and by those in Burma who are making their voices heard.

  • We must all heed their call to restore democracy in Burma.
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deepen: Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations calls on the world to condemn the military coup

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with Kyaw Mo Tun’s comment to Reuters.

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