Myanmar military council offers some to ceasefire, UN envoy warns of ‘bloodbath’

Myanmar military council offers some to ceasefire, UN envoy warns of 'bloodbath'
The ceasefire offer appears to indicate actions taken against armed ethnic groups, as fighting has escalated since the military council took power. In a coup on February 1. The statement, broadcast on Myanmar’s MRTV TV, called on armed ethnic groups to “maintain the peace” and said that the army “will suspend its unilateral operations from April 1 to April 30”.

However, those who “breach” the security of the government are excluded from the peace.

Pro-democracy protesters have repeatedly filled the streets in Myanmar for nearly two months protesting the arrest of an elected leader. Aung San Suu Kyi And senior government officials. The security forces’ response has seen unarmed civilians in the street shoot, beatings, arbitrary arrests, and nightly raids of homes of suspected opposition members. Saw this week The deadliest crackdown yet, With at least 114 people killed on Saturday.

CNN has contacted the Myanmar military for comment.

Since Saturday, the military has launched air strikes in Karen State, forcing thousands of residents to flee into the bush and neighboring countries.

The Karen National Union (KNU) controls many of the target villages, and is an armed ethnic group that controls large swaths of land in the border areas. The Karen National Union is one of several armed ethnic groups that have emerged in support of the protests and condemnation of the military coup.

The United Nations Special Envoy to Myanmar Christine Schranner Bergner on Wednesday highlighted the danger of “widespread and systematic attacks on the civilian population” and warned in her statements to the Security Council that “a bloodbath is imminent”.

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She added that more than 520 people had been killed since the coup.

“Looking at ten years from now, how will history judge this inaction? I hope you can act while there is still time to avoid the worst outcomes by overcoming caution and discord,” Burgner told Security Council members.

Urgent help is required

Myanmar’s permanent representative to the United Nations Kyaw Mo Tun sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General earlier in the week highlighting concerns about the safety of civilians in the country and calling for “effective measures to be taken without delay” to restore democratic leadership.

“The people of Myanmar feel powerless and seek urgent help from the international community to save the lives of innocent civilians,” said the message from Kyaw Mo Tun.

Anxiety in Myanmar after the weekend of & # 39; Outrageous & # 39; bloodshed

The representative appealed to the United Nations and the international community to protect the people of Myanmar from the army, to provide assistance to all those in need, to declare a no-fly zone to prevent future air strikes, to tighten sanctions, freeze military bank accounts, and to have immediate weapons. Banning and suspending foreign direct investment.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters on Wednesday that the UN intervention was a “broad call.”

“I think the Secretary-General was very candid about Myanmar from the start. We want to participate but there are no spectators in the solution,” Dujarric said.

CNN’s Chandler Thornton contributed to this report.

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