November 28, 2022

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Naphtali Bennett in the race to replace Benjamin Netanyahu following his contract with Jur Lapid

Yamina party leader Naphtali Bennett, left, and Yesh Adidas leader Yair Lapid in a special Knesset session, Israeli lawmakers elect a new president, at the Knesset meeting in Jerusalem on June 2, 2021.

He was an adviser to Benjamin Netanyahu and later his rival, while at the same time an essential partner: millionaire Naphtali Bennett, the leader of the far right, could succeed as his mentor and become the Prime Minister of Israel. This is the result of an agreement with Israeli opposition leader Jair Lapid announced on Wednesday evening, June 2. The text suggests that Naphtali Bennett will initially become prime minister, ahead of the Yahya Lapid route.

Negotiations leading to the deal lasted several days, with no news until 11:25 pm local time Wednesday (10:25 pm in Paris) shortly before the deadline: Eur Lapid told the president he had “Succeeded in forming the government”. He claims to have gathered a majority of 61 delegates out of 120 in the Knesset, Israel’s single parliament, and reached an agreement on one government. “Change” – With the support of the Arab delegation, Mr. An alliance that goes from Bennett’s left to the right.

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The parliamentary session for the confidence vote could be held next week, on an as yet unknown date. Until then, Benjamin Netanyahu and his party, Likud, will try to block the Knesset deal. If Mr Lapid gets the green light from parliament, he could end more than two years of political crisis in Israel, which has so far failed to form a stable government in four elections.

Bennett left in doubt

The bald-headed, prudent and English American Gippa, Naphtali Bennett leads the formation of Yamina, which has long been occupied by the Palestinian-Israeli army since 1967, when economic ultra-liberalism, a hard line against Iran or almost two-thirds of the West Bank, was seized. Bennett has played at two tables, leaving doubts over whether or not to give the final blow to Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been in power for fifteen years.

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The 49-year-old businessman, who has made his fortune in technology, entered politics late. But, since 2013, this figure is current “Religious nationalist” And close to the immigrants, there were five ministerial ministers. Finally, security in 2020 led him to organize a spectacular mobilization of the military to manage the crisis, at the height of the Govt-19 epidemic in Israel. “Tailor film for audiences looking for a formal alternative to Netanyahu”, Note Evan Cottesman de l Israel Policy Forum.

If the Knesset approves the alliance agreement, Naphtali Bennett will be the first religious leader in Jewish state history to wear a kibbutz or strictly observe the Shabbat.

The man who was politically assassinated two years ago, who scored poorly in the assembly elections last March, has been able to maneuver in recent weeks to impose himself. “Kingsmaker” In complex negotiations aimed at forming a government coalition.

Rough straight line

“The left makes compromises easier for me when I compromise (…) The role of the Prime Minister ”, Announced at the beginning of the talks by Mr. Bennett has built his entire political career on a difficult right path and is discriminating against “Greater Israel.”

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The son of an American immigrant was born on March 25, 1972 in Haifa (north of the country), Safred Matkel, who served in the prestigious elite special forces like Benjamin Netanyahu, was one of the winners in the early 2000s. In 2005, “Start-up Nation” was sold for $ 145 million with its cyber security company Chiota. The following year, he made the leap into the political world for Likud, where he became Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-hand man.

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Two years later, Naphtali Bennett once stepped down to head the Yesha Council, the main body representing Israeli immigrants in the West Bank, which would become his political business, although he had never lived in one of them. These controversial settlements.

In 2012, he took over the rule of the right-wing Foyer Juif and later formed the Yamina Party along with other micro-parties (the “right”). The latter, named after his museum, Ailet shuddered, Now managed by Naphtali Bennett. The latter succeeded in attracting some immigrants with strong nationalist views.

For example? The conflict with the Palestinians cannot be resolved, but it must be tolerated. “Small piece in the buttocks”. Or again: because there is no Israeli occupation of the West Bank “There was never a Palestinian state”. See: The “Terrorists must be killed, not released”, Regulations initiated in relation to Palestinian prisoners. For example, he pledged to Iran Vietnam If the Islamic Republic continues, according to him, establish itself militarily in neighboring Syria.

But Naphtali Bennett, a father of four and living in the wealthy city of Ranana (the center of the country), stands alone in his religious right-wing environment: questions about the place of religion in the state are not on his mind. Priorities This includes a certain generosity of values, especially in LGBT + issues.

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