November 28, 2022

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned over allegations of sexual harassment

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at a news conference on August 10.

After months of challenging or underestimating the allegations of sexual harassment against him, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo finally announced his resignation on Tuesday, August 10th. “In situations, the best way to help you is to step back Mr. Cuomo made his point in a televised speech “Deep apologies”, When referring to attacks “Political motive” To its place.

This A complaint was lodged last week by an aide to the board of governors, Accelerated his departure before the end of his term at the end of 2022. This paved the way for possible legal action against Mr Cuomo, 63. Ten years in power and one of the most powerful governors in America.

She spoke on Monday and testified on CBS to tell her how she was “Dream job” Had “Became a dream”, Describing the Governor’s inappropriate and indecent acts from the end of 2019, and so on “Closer and closer hugs”. She also accused him of being with her “Buttock Favorite” I did it many times and cost “He put his hand down [s]We touch the blouse and her breasts. “. In a report on the investigation by New York State Attorney General Ledidia James, Mr. Cumo was one of eleven women accused of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment.

This 168-page document, published on August 3, appeared to cover up his political destiny, based on 179 testimonies, including Mr Cuomo. MMe James, a Democrat, concluded that Mr. Cuomo had created “Climate of Fear” In its services and in violation of several federal and state laws:

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The governor has sexually harassed many current and former New York state employees, among others, for making unpleasant and unacceptable touches, and for publishing a number of offensive comments that suggest and create a hostile work environment. Women. “

Most of the facts from this winter are already known, especially since the first allegation of one of his former advisers was published in a blog in March. Lindsay Boyle, 36, said the governor kissed her on the mouth without asking and suggested she play with him. “Piece Poker” And “Increased efforts [lui] Touch the back, arms, legs “He worked for his management from 2015 to 2018.

Cuomo: “That doesn’t mean eleven women weren’t hurt”

Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly said since he released the document he had “Never touched someone inappropriately or made improper sexual progress”, While recognizing that certain behaviors may be misunderstood or uncomfortable due to differences “Generation or culture”.

He maintained it on Tuesday, when he announced his departure “The most serious allegations have no credible basis in the report. And there is a difference between making allegations of misconduct and concluding that there is sexual harassment.” But that does not mean that eleven women were not harmed. They. For that, I deeply apologize. “, He added.

His resignation will take effect in fourteen days. He was replaced by Deputy Governor Kathy Hochul, a 62-year-old Democrat who became New York State’s first female governor.

For a week now, political pressure has become more and more difficult for an isolated governor than ever before. Some of his Democratic allies in New York State have called for him to leave this winter. Most recently, a pre-trial hearing was launched by the New York State Legislature. US President Joe Biden, who has been supporting the report until its release, assessed himself after its release. “He must resign”.

A “progressive” Democrat, she established herself as a defender of women’s rights

If Andrew Cuomo’s political decision was not unexpected, considering the layer of recent revelations, his fall from last year was abrupt. At the height of the Govt-19 epidemic on the east coast of the United States, when New York City became one of the hubs of the world, the governor seemed to own the bulk. A national star, thanks to his daily television seats, and a rational and reassuring leader compared to the passive Trump administration.

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Some even blamed him for national ambitions, but Andrew Cuomo never really thought about the White House. However, even at the height of the crisis in recent months, he did not want to run for a third term as governor in 2022.

Re-elected in 2014 and 2018, he showed himself to be a “progressive” democrat, especially legalizing same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage to $ 15 and extending parental leave. Since the inception of the #Metoo movement, she has established herself as a defender of women, especially by enacting a series of laws against sexual harassment. Do not fail to notice the American press.

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