Newspaper “Confrontation in Brussels”: The Prime Minister comments on the Brexit Agreement | Brexit

Boris Johnson’s “Brexit Showdown” with officials in Brussels dominates most of the cards ahead of the upcoming summit this week between the Prime Minister and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

After it emerged Monday that the couple had spoken on the phone for more than an hour without making much “tangible progress” in breaking the trade deadlock, the fledgling spin on Downing Street made sure to provide newspapers with a picture of Johnson talking on his landline.

The Mail The sign titled “Last Call for a Deal” is picked up alongside Johnson’s picture on his prime minister’s landline, also indicating that it has been 1629 days since the referendum was supported Brixi In June 2016.

The Expression He has the same image but chooses a more aggressive title with “Showdown in Brussels,” instead I am Von der Leyen also appeared on the phone with the headline “The Prime Minister heads to Brussels to try to break the deadlock”.

The Times She has a similar choice of words with her headline saying “Prime Ministers to Face Brexit in Brussels”.

The telegraphThe prime minister, who also appears on the phone next to a headline saying “Johnson on a mission to Brussels,” nevertheless makes a somewhat grim note, saying that the outcome of the talks “could determine not only his premiership but Britain’s place in the world for decades to come.”

He also quotes EU sources noting that while the UK can strike a deal, Johnson’s trip may be designed “to show that he tried everything in his power to get a deal even if he expected to return home empty-handed.”

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The Guardian The title says “The Prime Minister heads to Brussels after the United Kingdom carries an olive branch”It is reported that Britain made some concessions on the crucial issue of the Home Market Bill in order to secure a deal before relations were finally cut off on January 1.

The Financial times “Johnson and Von der Leyen meet to find a way out of the commercial impasse,” but his main story is about a big business deal: “Uber pulls out a self-driving car unit to take over rival Aurora,” he says.

The other big story of the day is the start of Britain’s largest vaccination program ever as the first people prepare to take a Pfizer / BioNTech blow against the coronavirus.

The woman The title says “Our Fight Begins Today” although the Daily Record in Scotland finds the allure of wartime pictures irresistible: “Day V”, the title reads. The V-day streak is also irresistible for Telegraph, Times, and Express editors. The Metro Splash header says “Roll up the first strikes”.

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