November 28, 2022

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O.J. Death of Francis Lee Bailey, lawyer who contributed to Simpson’s release

On October 3, 1995, O.J.  Francis Lee Bailey (left) with Simpson, the court announces the release of the former glory of American football.

Controversial lawyer“Boston Strangler” And O.J. Francis Lee Bailey, who contributed to the release of Simpson, died on Thursday, June 3, at the age of 87. He died at an old age home in Georgia in South America, where his family announced the cause of death without specifying the cause.

“I lost a good man. F. Lee Bailey, I will miss you ”, O.J. in a video posted on Twitter. Simpson responded, believing he was dead “One of the greatest lawyers of our time”.

Careful preparation for tests

Francis Lee Bailey was instrumental in freeing the former proudest footballer of American football, attempting to assassinate his wife and this friend in 1995. He had testified in court that one of the police investigators had made racist remarks, and this time he was charged – without evidence – by O.J. At Simpson’s house he had a bloody glove to be charged with.

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The lawyer, who founded a private detective agency during his law school, was considered an expert in preparing for criminal trials, interviewing key witnesses, amassing photos and documents, and reviewing documents. Crime scenes. This allowed him to cook, without notes, the witnesses barred each other.

Among other famous cases is the case of Albert Tsalvo, “The Boston Strangler”, A serial killer responsible for the murder of thirteen women. In 1971, he also released Captain Ernest Medina, who had commanded U.S. troops during the massacre of 104 Vietnamese civilians in My Loy.

A position in prison

F. Lee Bailey was born on June 10, 1933, in Massachusetts, near Boston. He entered Harvard University on a scholarship, left two years later, before joining the U.S. Army, and eventually became a fighter pilot. He returned to civilian life in 1956, returned to university to study law, and graduated from his class.

The author of the best-selling books, Francis Lee Bailey was also a regular on television shows, during which time he advocated for his popular clients. He even appeared in an ad for a major brand of vodka.

He faced legal setbacks and was jailed for six weeks for contempt of court in 1996 for refusing to refund the fees charged for rescuing a drug trafficker. He put his 22m boat up for sale to repay the amount.

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