Pelosi and Meadows share allegations of business talks under an agreement

“We kept making offer after offer and Nancy kept moving the goal posts,” Meadows told CNN’s Jake Tapper about State of the Union.

But Pelosi countered during one separate interview with Tapper on Sunday: “You keep moving the goal posts.”

Staff-level talks have raged between administrative officials and Congressional Democrats over the past few days as millions of Americans await additional measures to alleviate coronavirus. Pelosi said on Sunday that the two sides had failed to agree on the language on such important issues as coronavirus testing, unemployment benefits, and state and local funding.

Last Sunday, Pelosi said She waited in the White House to agree to the language testing. A week later she is still waiting for approval.

“They said we’re going to add a little touch to the test language. That was 55% of the language. We’re still waiting for the final okay. And that’s a central theme in all of this,” Pelosi said. “We’re ready, we can change some words on the bill in case they come back with some changes.”

She also noted that she sent the White House a list of remaining concerns on Friday and was hoping to have some answers to those questions by Monday.

“It could happen in the house this week. But it’s up to (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch (McConnell) whether it would happen in the Senate and go to the president’s desk, which is our hope and prayer,” Pelosi said.

Meadows told Tapper on Sunday that they had identified Senate Republicans who would most likely vote for a stimulus package, but said, “We’re not Nancy Pelosi.”

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“We’re not going to vote on a bill or give an opinion and adopt it before we’ve read it,” he said.

Sources have told CNN that McConnell has privately asked the White House not to sign a stimulus deal before the elections because Senate Republicans have no support for it.

Pelosi also said she would continue to work with the White House and McConnell even if the Democrats win the election because “people need help immediately”.

CNN reported The chances of throwing an economic stimulus plan out of the house before election day have sunk to practically zero if no real, substantial deal had been reached by Friday evening and had not been in writing by the weekend.

Election day ignored these economic talks.

The election has pushed President Donald Trump back to the negotiating table, and his impending urgency has brought back the urgency of an impenetrable showdown. Negotiating an agreement would help Americans in dire need of money for troubled businesses, money for rent, and higher benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, or grocery stamps.

CNN’s Manu Raju and Lauren Fox contributed to this story.

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