November 28, 2022

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Petition against nature lovers “out of control” in Sherwood forest

The famous Sherwood Forest is at the center of a controversy. According to legend, Robin Hood once roamed there to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Nowadays visitors to the Sherwood Forest in the middleEngland, Coming often
Nature lovers. To the extent of violating some.

Many tourists admire the oak trees in this forest every year, which are one of the oldest in Europe and feel the atmosphere of adventure. Robin Hood, The famous figure from the Middle Ages, was hunted by the Nottingham Sheriff. But the place was appreciated by nature lovers, which did not match the taste of Robert Robinson who started it
An online petition Tell the authorities to intervene.

An “tolerable and effectively legitimate” existence

“Recently, nudists sometimes walk in groups of 12,” says a local petitioner, “since he met a man naked in the bush and his wife stopped jogging in the woods. Says.

“There is no need to walk naked. Clothes will not stop you from admiring the forest,” he stormed in. “Since June 2020, there have been many naked men, and it is intimidating,” one user agreed on the petition side. Observer Dave complained last May that he was hanging out with groups of “naked people who lost control.”

These allegations have caused embarrassment to the authorities. It is legal in the UK to be naked in public unless it is considered a behavioral assault or assault. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which manages the site, explained that nature lovers have been visiting the site frequently for “decades” and that their presence was “tolerable and in fact legal, they adopted a particular behavior”. The organization states that it was not informed of the incident condemned by the petition and recommends contacting the police to report such situations.

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