Philippine typhoon: at least ten dead as Goni affected more than two million people

Philippine typhoon: at least ten dead as Goni affected more than two million people

The hurricane, known locally as Hurricane Rowley, passed over southern Luzon, the country’s main island, causing torrential rains, floods and landslides, before weakening as it wrapped around the outskirts of the capital, Manila.

“The number of affected (is) 372,653 families or 2068,085 individuals. Ten were killed and one injured. The cost of the damage is still being evaluated,” said Ricardo Gallad, a spokesman for the National Committee for Natural Disaster Reduction.

Hurricane Goni was the strongest storm anywhere in the world so far this year When he made landfall In the Philippines on Sunday morning, where winds reached 215 km / h (133 miles), and the winds were exposed and gusts of winds reaching 265 km / h (164 miles per hour).
As a result of torrential rains caused by the cyclone, rivers overflowed and dams were destroyed, while in the Bicol region, more than 300 houses were buried underneath, government officials said. Volcanic rocks and lava flows.

Among the missing is believed to be a five-year-old boy who was swept away by flood waters.

Before the storm made landfall, officials evacuated nearly a million people in the southern part of Luzon, the main island of the Philippines.

There were fears prior to John’s arrival that this could seriously affect the Philippine capital.

As of Sunday, at least 2,420 families had been preemptively evacuated in Metro Manila, NDRRMC said in a tweet.

The storm, which used to be the equivalent of a Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane, is now Significantly weakened After crossing the Philippines, it was downgraded to a tropical storm, according to the Philippine News Agency.

The NDRRMC reported that a Philippine Coast Guard aircraft was deployed to Catanduanes Island, as cell towers fell from the typhoon, CNN of the Philippines reported.

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NDRRMC spokesman Ricardo Gallad said the relief flights carrying food and supplies will be deployed in Catanduanes and Legazpi City on Monday and Tuesday.

Johnny is one of the strongest storms to hit the Philippines since Haiyan in 2013, killing more than 6,300 people.

The Philippines Met Office said another typhoon, Tropical Storm Atsani, has entered the country and could be gaining strength.

Additional report from Reuters.

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