October 2, 2022

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Pictures – Floods in Belgium: The town of Verviers, surrounded by muddy currents

Blood – Following heavy rains, much of Wallonia in Belgium is under water. The town of Verviers in the east of the country has been particularly affected by the floods, with water rising up to two meters on some streets. Again a large human figure in the films about this disaster.

The city of Verviers in eastern Belgium is submerged. Due to the heavy rains, the Westray River, a tributary of the Muse, burst its banks, causing flooding in record-breaking locations. In some streets, the water rises to two meters and swallows everything in its path. The city attorney announced that four bodies had been found by emergency services near Verviers. The place and circumstances of the death were not mentioned.

On social networks, many amateur videos show the extent of the damage.

In these pictures, which were posted and filmed by an internet user, at 5am, we see an entire street under water, where only the noise of electricity and the alarms of submerged cars echo.

A few hours later, as the sun rose, the water seemed to rise again. In this video posted by another internet user, we see a small street in the city crossing a powerful muddy stream. Three-quarters of the car dealerships there have been submerged, while the windows of homes are barely visible, raising fears of significant damage.

The photo posted by the city resident shows, precisely, the submerged water in his house. “We saved everything we could, but we didn’t know how to store the entire floor.”, He testifies.

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In another video, a square in the town of Verviers, usually occupied by a car park and restaurant terraces, appears completely underwater. A few cars float here and there like ordinary matchboxes, while the alarms of overcrowded stores sound.

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According to Law RTPF, The water level in Verviers gradually decreased throughout the day on Thursday. But where the water has receded, the view is captivating. Car wreckage, cobblestones and pieces of street furniture pile up on the streets and squares.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the robbers entered the city’s businesses to steal all kinds of goods, according to Belgian media reports. In response, a warning message was sent to the inhabitants of Verviers Newspaper Evening, The curfew order will be established on Thursday from 9pm to 6am.

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